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Does anyone know of an English language yoga class in Brussels please?

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Do you know if there are any coaches leaving Brussels centre and going to ski resorts at weekends? I'd really like to get a weekend's skiing but i don't have my own transport. Thansk for your help on this!

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I would like to take up running again after 3 or 4 years without running at all (!). I used to run 10km once a week and would like to find a group of other non competitive people to run in natural surroundings with at weekends. Does anyone have any hints?

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hi, i am ooking to come over to belgium next year and was womdering if anyone can tell me the license i need to fish the kempiisch canal, where i can aquire one from, the cost and what the rules are for night fishing on there thanks

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hi everyone, just wondering if anybody can give me any advice on fshing locations ect for carp around belgium. Would prefer public lakes rather than private if possible. are the canals any good and what size/ qualntity ect any advice much apprciated

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I've heard there is very little snow in the European resorts so far, but once there is, which is the nearest resort to us here in Brussels please?

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Are you interested in taking care of and riding my horse Tizón two days a week? Tizón is a stallion of the breed Menorquin, a Spanish horse (similar to PRE), 160 cm high and 6,5 years old. He is a very nice horse with big personality; he listens very well to the rider and learns quickly (he knows lateral work, shoulder in, and just started with flying changes). You will also have the possibility to go hacking since the area has quite good riding trails. Tizón likes this very much and he is totally traffic safe and never scared of anything. The stable is a small private stable with 14 horses situated in Beigem, Grimbergen, 20 minutes north of Brussels. It is most convenient to go by car, even if it is also possible to communicate with bus from Brussels. The stable has one outside arena (20 x 40 m), one lounge arena (15 x 20) and every horse has their private pasture. One small indoor arena is under construction and will be finished in January 2012. It is important for me that you are an experienced rider. Tizón is still rather young and learning, and even if he is a very calm horse he is also a stallion who needs a knowledgeable hand. Does this sound interesting? Emaill me and I will tell you more! Josefine

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Does anyone know of an acqua aerobiccs or acqua biking class in central Brussels please? It is now way too cold for outdoor activities in my opinion and I want to stay fit over winter.

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Hi Expats, I'd like to get back into fishing but it seems to be near impossible to do here.I used to do a bit of Fly fishing and some game fishing back in Ireland along with the odd boat excursion off the coast.Anyway I would really like to hire a smallish boat for the day for 5/6 lads that could supply rods & gear before the winter comes in but I can't find anyone running this sort of service.In Ireland every cove and port has at least one guy with a fully loaded boat that would take day trippers out for a bit of mackerel bashing or some deeper sea stuff,Does anyone on here have any links or contacts that i might be interested in?thanks in advance guys.Chris,

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I really need to get my PADI diving certificate before I head off to Asia. Does anyone know a centre offering this in Brussels please?

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hi!So i'm fairly new to Brussels and looking for someone/people to play tennis with regularly. I'm english, 28 and intermediate level (solid all round game, although not used to clay yet).If you fancy having a friendly practice hit and maybe some games please get in contact. I live near schuman.Best to email me at: iamwisey_@hotmail.com (i won't check back here too often). see you aroundAnthony

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that is being set up in St: Gilles? Looks like a big deal, haven't been able to find any info on it. When does it start, and how long does it run for? Looks like a fairly long installation! Thank you!

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I am from Virginia i am 15 played odp state, high school soccer, and club division 1 soccer and my sister is 9 and as well she played for the best u-10 girls team in the state we are looking for any competitive soccer camps anywhere in Europe also looking for a competitive football team near Tervuren,Belgium.

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I am interested in taking up rowing but I don't know of any clubs around here. Can you give me any pointers?

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Do you know if there is a Nike or Adidas store in Brussels centre please?

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I am looking for an aerobics or similar class in English. Can anyone help me out?

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I am looking for someone with whom to knock a ball around with from time to time. Anyone interested in playing with me?

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Are there any guys who would like to get together for a Sunday morning kick about or even more formal game?

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I need to get myself kitted out with some riding gear including jodhpurs, a helmet, whip and boots. Where can i go in central Brussels?

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Hello, hello,I am relatively new in Brussels and am keen to find either a few people to play tennis with or/and wondered if anyone could recommend a good tennis club which pairs people up to play matches etc?I am living in Ixelles so prefably people/clubs not too far from Ixelles. Anyway, if you fancy a game/know of a good club let me know.ThanksHannah

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