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Anyone know of a bums and tums (abdos fessiers) class in Brussels i could go to without haveing to join a gym? Thanks!

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Has anyone ever used the yeti ski centre in Anderlecht? I'd like to learn to ski before the season and thought it could be a good idea? Is it in any way similar to the real thing? And can I rent skis to use there?

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I have heard it is possible to visit the city on a canal boat. Can anyone ill me in?

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Since this Forum is a bit quiet at the moment – did you discover any interesting bits of Belgium during the holidays? We visited the Atomium for the first time ever – and it wasn't at all bad. The exhibition theme is all about immigration and integration and we found it very interesting. Did mini-Europe for the umpteenth time, it's as corny as hell but you have to admit it's very well done. Follow the route and read all the descriptions in the guidebook and it's really very informative. But the star find was the Sewer Museum. Brilliant if a little … fragrant. To understand the social history of the city you have to take account of the River Senne – where it flowed when it was above ground and what was involved in its cover-up. Out of town, another highlight was observing the archaeological excavations behind the Cathedral – if uncovered skeletons don't faze you, there are lots of them about . And around the site there's a brilliant mural, in cartoon/graffiti style, depicting the 'horrors' of the dig. Very macabre humour. And if you want a tip for a day-trip to somewhere different, try Middelburg in Holland – a very pleasant spot.

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I am trying to find a great place to camp and go Pike fishing. Anyone out there know of where I can go to make my wish come true???

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Hello, I would like to learn squash. i have found a nice squash club with reasonable lesson prices. Now I only need a partner. Hope somebody want to join me!!! Regards,

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I am looking for a nice standard camp site in the Ixelles area, suitable for caravans. Any ideas please?

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Just to praise NZ for their great performance in today's world cup clash. A nil nil draw is pretty good for a country who doesn't have a long history of playing with a round as opposed to an oval ball!

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Where will all you Brits be heading to watch games during the world cup? Would love to join you!

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HiI'm a Brit living in Brussels and I'm struggling to find good info on places to watch World Cup matches. No offence to anyone but I woul dlike to avoid the usual De Valera's path....Anyway, because of this struggle I have set up a website, but I need advice! I will be asking the Bruxelles authorities for info on what they plan, but any tips would be most appreciated!I will add them here: http://worldcupbrussels.blogspot.com/Thanks a lot.

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Does anyone know of an outdoor (preferably Olympic size) pool open to the public this summer?

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Does anyone know where I can do a paddi diving course in our area? In a local pool for example?

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Our daughter is on at us to let her start horse riding classes. Can anyone recommend a good school in the Ixelles area?

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If you’re looking for something a bit different to do this weekend, you could head up to the Belgian Watersports Centre at Hazewinkel, where the British rowing team are conducting their final selection races for the upcoming season. In all, five Olympic champions and many more World and Olympic medallists will be slugging it out. You don’t need to know much about the sport to enjoy the spectacle, and Hazewinkel is a delightful spot for strolling and cycling, with a nature reserve down one side of the course and woodland walks down the other. If you want to pay closer attention to the racing there will be entry lists posted up inside the admin building and possibly printed programmes available. All is freely accessible, you can rub shoulders with sporting superstars (or you could if you were 2m tall) and there’s plenty of on-site parking. The Sunday sessions are 9:30 – 10:30 preliminary time trial and 15:00 – 17:20 semi-finals. The finals are on Monday, between 9:00 and 11:30 (for the dedicated). More details here: http://www.britishrowing.org/news/comebacks-and-openings-store-gb-rowing-senior-trials

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Does anyone know if this weekend's Paris marathon will be televised here in Belgium? I have 2 friends running in it and would love to see them!

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I have recently taken up swimming and would like to join a club so i can train with other enthusiasts. Any ideas please?

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Hello. I'll be visiting Brussels for a month from mid May. Would anyone know where I could play indoor volleyball (men's or coed) around Ixelles? Thanks in advance!

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Has anyone been on one of these in the Benelux region? I would love to give it a go just as soon as the weather picks up. I would love any imput you may have to share with me on the subject. Thanks in advance

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26 year-old Scot, recently moved to Brussels and looking for a regular game (en/fr). Located in Etterbeek.

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I would like to go swimming while I am here and need to know if swimming caps are obligatory in Belgiam pools?

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