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Can someone reccommend a really good Italian restaurant please, menu price no problem

started by: flyby · last update: 1250072541 · posted: 1249466888

Where can I play basket ball in Brussels?

started by: ianshine-128127 · last update: 1249601015 · posted: 1249601015

90minutesonline.com is looking for new writers for the 2009/10 season. 90minutesonline provides English language coverage of football leagues from across the world. After a successful first season covering Italy, Holland, Portugal, Germany, England, Spain and South Korea, we're now looking to expand our geographical spread and team of writers. If you can write one or two articles a week about the domestic league of the country you live in, preferably with a humorous edge, we're interested in hearing from you. As 90minutesonline is a fairly new project, we cannot offer payment at the moment, but this is a great chance for aspiring journalists to get a regular byline and writing practice. The first 90minutes magazine will be coming out shortly, and more will follow over the course of the season. If you're interested in writing for 90minutesonline, please send an email stating the league you're interested in writing about and a piece of no more than 800 words about any football issue to 90minutesonline@gmail.com

started by: kimberlygp · last update: 1249391845 · posted: 1249391845

I'm new to guitar and looking for a laid-back teacher. I'm interested in easy to learn pop and rock songs, all acoustic. Anyone have a recommendation?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1248432294 · posted: 1248425793

I have apermanent bad back and need to find a sport other than swimming that will not make the pain flair up. Any ideas?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1247646658 · posted: 1247646658

Is there anywhere I can try accrobranche in Brussels?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1247646471 · posted: 1247043152

Does anyoneknow anything about these canal cruises that are supposed to be available during summer in Brussels?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1246033601 · posted: 1245261965

I have been told by the doctor that I have to stop running and I thought I might try cycling again. Will I actually be losing any calories though if I cycle alongside my partner who runs?

started by: frazzled-124665 · last update: 1246010118 · posted: 1245748411

Has anyone here been on the Rollerbike parade from the Palais de Justice to the race course at Boitsfort, do you need to be a good skater or is it suitable for newbies.

started by: sweetie-124313 · last update: 1245746831 · posted: 1245410563

I have a friend coming over who is into diving, where is the deepwater pool located in Brussels, please?

started by: padrushka-126045 · last update: 1245663777 · posted: 1245066073

My husband needs to do something for fun and we have no network yet..He loves basketball but is considered old even though in good shape and athletic..do any guys get together here for informal hoops?? or informal tennis??

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1245314622 · posted: 1244542088

Does anyone know of an accrobranche centre in Brussels? I need to reserve a morning in one for a friend's hen do!

started by: frazzled-124665 · last update: 1244803023 · posted: 1244795437

I would like to break into TV journalism but don't feel confident in front of camera. I want to learn acting from some drama club or acting group. Is there anyone can help?

started by: Becbec-124366 · last update: 1244802951 · posted: 1244795808

Where can i hire Kayaks for the day -- As affordable as possible - any ideas please?

started by: mimi-124404 · last update: 1244195742 · posted: 1243946570

Can anyone recommend a good golf course for beginners?

started by: frazzled-124665 · last update: 1242980028 · posted: 1242813923

Anyone know where I can find hiphop/street style dance classes?

started by: chocdrop · last update: 1242629086 · posted: 1242507883

looking for a safe place to take the kids fishing and one where we have a good chance of catching a few so they don't get fed up to quickly.

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1241859601 · posted: 1241509777

I would like to know if there are any outdoor swimming pools in the city for when the weather hots up this summer!

started by: harold-124312 · last update: 1241165531 · posted: 1241110137

Anyone know of any good free entertainment coming up this weekend?

started by: lazysunday-124390 · last update: 1241111290 · posted: 1240931580

Anyone know of a driving range near Brussels?

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