Turkish Barbers in Brussels

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Any turkish barbers in brussels that do shave and haircut for men ?


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kooky-1307 1346261441

This is the best known barbers in Brussels:


loreley-131438 1347873580

Hang around plaace Saint-Josse - there are a number of them. I took my son a few time to the hairdresser Madou located on palce Saint-Josse, just next to the (Turkish) bakery. Very satisfied and I saw there were being shaved.

loreley-131438 1347873656

...and indeed the ones on place Saint Josse are really cheap (a kiddy haircut would be 6 euro or so)

oscar-130276 1347903601

Good to know about the cheap kiddy cuts!

kerryk-133674 1347904130

Hi, There is a good one to visit at Saint Josse heard good reports about it.

prfeen 1350474288

thanks for the info,will check it out

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Try La-Chasse Square. There is a cheap hair cut near the 34 bus stop on the beginning of avenue d'auderghem

barryb-133679 1350670173

Hi, I have been a number of times to Saint Josse fab and cheap, a few to go to there. But all fab mate.

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