Music: Jazz, Blues & Soul

Brosella Folk and Jazz from Jul 8th 2017 to Jul 9th 2017
A unique festival, combining folk music and jazz, complemented by "Brosella Kids", which includes theatre, music and workshops. Line-up:FOLK - 8th July.15:00   MUSIC 4 A WHILE  (BE)              &nbsp...
Summer Village Concerts: The Rowdies from Jun 25th 2017 to Jun 25th 2017
Rock 'n roll from the 50s/60s.Phil Gosez (lead singer, guitar), Eric Puyveld (guitar, sax), Giovanni Valastro (guitar), Paul Huysmans (bass), Yves Van Deurnen (piano), Michel Zylbersztajn (drums)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 25th June. 
Summer Village Concerts: Rey Cabrera y sus Amigos from Jun 26th 2017 to Jul 1st 2017
Rey Cabrera (vocals),Humberto Gonzalez (vocals,babybass), David Ramos Torres (piano), Leonid Munoz (percussions), Nelson Garzon (vocals, percussions), Ruben Hernandez (vocals, trumpet)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 26th June - 1st July
Massimo Formica (guitar), René Zaprzalka (sax), Calvin Moneze (bass), Josaphat Hounou (drums)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 4th - 8th July
Jean Paul Estievenard (trumpet), Koen Nys (sax), Bram Weijters (piano), except 11/7 Eve Beuvens (piano), Piet Verbist (basss), Lionel Beuvens (drums)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 11th - 15th July
Summer Village Concerts: Laurent Doumont - L'Americano from Jul 18th 2017 to Jul 22nd 2017
Laurent Doumont (vocs & sax), Lorenzo Di Maio (guit), Vincent Bruyninckx (keys), Sam Gerstmans (bass), Adrien Verderame (drums)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 18th - 22nd July
Summer Village Concerts: Loumèn from Jul 25th 2017 to Jul 29th 2017
Jazz, soul, pop and funkLoumèn (vocals), Karel De Culenaere (piano), Calvin Moneze (bass), Lieven Venken (drums)Where: The Music VillageWhen: 25th - 29th July
Ultrafaux is the only original gypsy jazz trio based in the United States. Michael Joseph Harris - guitarist & composer, Eleazar Ruiz Spreafico – bass Alexandre Tripodi – violin , Renaud Dardenne – guitar Venue: Art Base,30th June at 20:00.Tickets €12.50 (reduced €7 students...