Theatre & Shows

The Irish Theatre Group - Waiting for Godot from Oct 6th 2017 to Oct 14th 2017
The Irish Theatre Group present Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett, at the Warehouse Studio Theatre on 6th/7th and 10th-14th October 2017. The play is directed by Tim Myers. Tickets are €16 and may be purchased via the website.
Music Show Scotland from Jan 20th 2018 to Jan 20th 2018
Music Show Scotland is the largest indoor Scottish show in the world and offers a program of Celtic music and dance throughout the evening, combining entertainment and humor.In a sublime setting, more than 200 bagpipers, percussionists, dancers, musicians and singers present a dazzling show.Where: F...
George Parker is an internationally successful stand-up illusionist, mentalist, and corporate alchemist from the Netherlands.On October 28, he'll be in Brussels to help you bend your reality.A unique blend of eye-opening insights, engaging entertainment and practical tools.George Parker has more tha...