Is your Non-Profit Organisation compliant and fully optimised?

from Jun 8th 2017 to Jun 8th 2017


Compliance and VAT of non-profit organisations will be reviewed, with some items highlighted: 

Compliance for Non-Profits: 

NPO tax return: What not to forget (company cars, withholding tax…), what needs to be enclosed, risk of being taxed as a corporation

Asset declaration: What to include?  

Forms 2xx regarding income paid to third parties (sub-contractors) 

Publications in the Official Gazette (proxies, binding powers given to employees, directors) 

Deposit Accounts through the trade court or National Bank of Belgium,  

List of members

Others (etc) 

VAT for Non-Profits:

As regards to VAT special coverage of cost sharing will be presented: VAT is often a cost in the non-profit. In order to avoid this VAT burden (partial or completely) a cost sharing association might be a solution. Recently the Belgian VAT regulation regarding cost sharing associations has changed, and more in particular the conditions and formalities in order to benefit from a VAT exemption. During a brief session, the main principles will be further examined.

Date: Thursday, 08th June 2017 @ 18:00-20:30
Location: The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
Registration Fee: Attendance for members and non-members is FREE but registration is mandatory


Brigitte Braeckmans | Tax Partner | BDO
Brigitte started her professional career as a tax and legal advisor in 1997. She started to work at BDO in 2008 and has more than 15 years experience working in VAT. She works closely with the tax professionals of the international BDO network for international clients/transactions. She also gives VAT trainings (internal and external) on a regular basis. She regularly gives advice on different VAT issues on national and international transactions, including VAT advice for public authorities. 

Eric Laurent | Managing Partner | ERYV sprl
Eric is a Chartered Accountant & Tax Adviser (IEC). He specialized in taxation of cross border income for individuals (expats & inpats). He helps with filing individuals tax returns (resident & non-resident) and advises on special questions (contractors taxation, inheritance and wealth taxation in an international mobility background, EU civil servants taxation,...). He is himself member of the board of several non-profit associations.

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