Training- Brexit, Political Risks and their Impact on Business

from May 10th 2017 to May 10th 2017


Date | 10th May 2017 @ 09:00-13:30

Location | British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11, 1000 Brussels 

Registration | Members €180.00 & Non-Members €240.00 

This training is designed to help companies and individuals develop the skills to recognise and anticipate the impact of political developments on their business.

Understand the concept of political risk and how it can impact business;

Be aware of the possible impact of political developments on your business;

Identify sources of political risk in a simple business scenario;

Map out stakeholders and institutions and identify their basic interests in relation to an issue affecting their business;

This training is divided in to three sessions: What is political risk? Identifying and assessing the impact of political risk on business, Mitigating and monitoring political risk. Each session includes a concrete case study.

About  our trainer:

Dominique Orsini | Managing Director | Political-Edge

Dominique Orsini is the founder and managing director of Political Edge, a political risk and strategy consultancy with a European focus. Dominique has more than 15 years experience in international affairs, mainly as a political adviser, in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and with the EU in Brussels. He holds a doctorate in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a postgraduate diploma in Global Business from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

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