Influence Awards- African Edition

28th September 2019 6:04pm - 11:58pm

Event Details

Influence Awards - African edition is a gala that will highlight Belgian public figures of African descent.

       The public will vote on the event site for their favorite personality, which blossoms fully in their field of activity or artistic. Thus the winner will receive the Awards on the scene of the Influence Awards thanks to the votes of Internet users that will have counted for 1 month.

Several fields will be represented: music, sport, business, humor and many other categories

That's not all !

    Dinner with flavors of the world, artistic shows and many prestigious guests will do us the honor of their presences during the evening.

To end the gala Influence Awards, which we hope will be memorable, the room will become a party place with a DJ who will accompany us until the end of the night

We are waiting for you for an evening that will be unforgettable among us!


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Event Location

Wild Gallery
11 Rue du Charroi

28th September 2019 6:04pm - 11:58pm