3rd December 2021 10:04am - 11:04am
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    A tree grows. Guided by two accomplices, we discover his universe.

If you look closely, the tree is not alone: ​​its young stem bends at the passage of a caterpillar, a band of squirrels has fun in its branches, a bat hibernate in the hollow of his trunk ...

    A journey without words to (re) discover the tree through the sensations and emotions it gives us, through the seasons and bad weather.

    "Tree" is a visual theater show for everyone from 3 years old. Two actors-acrobats, with a trumpet and an accordion, punctuate the stages of the life of the tree. In interaction with the public, they create visual and sound paintings that evoke the atmosphere of the forest and the events that take place there.

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CREA Victory Street

3rd December 2021 10:04am - 11:04am