Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Overfly Ltd.
Company providing flying lessons on small planes and helicopters. Also available photography and video shooting from aircraft, flying on events, transfers, transportation of heavy goods. 1068 Budapest, Rippl-Ronai u. 23-25.
City Break Budapest
Company providing leisure activities such as sightseeing, go karting, paintball, paragliding, shooting, helicopter journey, wakeboard, quad, trabant rally, any many more. 1025 Budapest, Kapy ut 53/b
Sport Association of Technical Univerity
Association providing training for paragliding and sailplanes. Also available tandem skydiving with professional pilot, new and used equipment. 1028 Budapest, Gyopar utca 24.
Cavok Aviation Training Ltd.
Flight training organization offering trainings for private, commercial and airline transport pilot license. Accredited by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority. Also aircraft and simulator rental. 1174 Budapest, Eotvos utca 19.
Unique Ballonsport Club
Company providing hot-air balloon rides in Hungary, most likely in Budapest and surrounding area. Participation for children 7 and younger up to pilots decision. Also available rental of balloons. 1192 Budapest, Tas utca 16.
Adventure Balloon Ltd.
Company offering balloon flights to both private persons and companies for 2-4 people. Approximately 3-4 hours program from setting up the balloon to returning to the take-off site, net flying time is 40-70 minutes. 1113 Budapest, Dioszegi ut 60.
Tandemcentrum Ltd.
Skydive cub offering tandem jumping for people of age between 14 and 60 and upper weight limit of 95 kg. Transfer to airport location can be secured on demand. 2316 Tokol, Ibolya utca 9.
MAV Sports Flying Association
Flying club providing lessons and license for slide planes and small motor aircrafts. Also possible to have flight with pilot for those, who are interested in flying. 2045 Torokbalint, Farkashegy airfield
Airborne Club
Company offering courses, equipment and trips for paragliding, tandem jumping and paragliding with back-engine purpose. 1036 Budapest, Fenyes Adolf u. 19-21.
Multigo Ltd.
Company providing trip and event planning in Hungary, with special focus on Budapest. From conventional sightseeing tours to adventure tours all in one place. Also accommodation and vehicle rental services. 1023 Budapest, Harcsa utca 2.
TIGAIR - Private Flight Tours
Enjoy Budapest, Hungary and the neighboring countries from a birds eye view. Our service offers an excellent opportunity for quality tourism in Hungary at an affordable price, especially designed for those visiting Budapest and nearby destinations.
MALEV Aeroclub
Flying club of (former) Hungarian Airlines offering sightseeing flights with Cessna (3 passenger), AN-2 (12 passenger) and sailplane (1 passenger). Also trainings and driver license courses, mostly in Hungarian language. 2120 Dunakeszi, Airport
Centro-Plane Ltd.
Company operating, maintaining and servicing small aircrafts and providing flight school lessons since 1997. Also available: aircraft-renting, sightseeing, event services. 1112 Budapest, Repuloteri ut 2.