Business Consultants & Advisors

Access Assessment Ltd.
Consulting company providing services related to development of internet based measurement instruments (KPI). Also development of tailor-made solutions, team-building, competency framework development. 1024 Budapest, Keleti Karoly utca 9. VI. em. 9.
Absolvo Consulting Ltd.
Providing to small and medium sized businesses professional assistance in export strategies, internationalization as well as corporate finance (grants, subsidies, venture capital, strategic partner search). 1115 Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 105-113.
Moment-Consulting Ltd.
Company providing management consulting, coaching, adult education, business services, motivation analysis, marketing, training, negotiation strategies, telephone marketing, customer and employee surveys. 1039 Budapest, Versec sor 9.
Whispering Tree Bt.
Company registration including official seat service as well as business administration, accounting and taxation services and marketing consultancy. At Szobránc u. 15/A, Budapest. 
Bpo Ltd.
Company providing business consultancy in the area of business restructuring services, change management, creating and implementing strategies, shared service centres, HR and more. 1146 Budapest, Zichy Geza utca 5. III. em. 1-2.
High Tech Solutions Ltd.
Consulting company providing business (accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, counselling) and IT solutions (creative infrastructure, system maintenance, system development, software and system testing). 1034 Budapest, Szolo utca 8.
ABT Hungaria Konyvvizsgalo Ltd.
Offers complex financial solutions for accounting, taxation, and audit. Also payroll services, legal and business advise. 1037 Budapest, Montevideo u 3/A.
Aam Tanacsado Inc.
Independent Hungarian consultancy firm offering services in business and IT consultancy, risk management and technological IT solutions. 1133 Budapest, Vaci ut 76.
In-Business Ltd.
Company offering international market advisory Service covering the need for local support and consultancy. Also providing event organising in terms of whole projects or only sub tasks. 1014 Budapest, Tarnok utca 1.
Beres-Molnar Gergely
Professional in auditing companies, tax advisory and business consulting. 1114 Budapest, Hamzsabegi ut 38-40/A.7.em.1.
A3 Project Ltd.
Consultancy company providing services in project management, management of non-profit companies, follow-up and preparation of documentation, business development, tax advice and accounting. 1072 Budapest, Rakoczi ut 42.
BDO Magyarorszag IT Megoldasok Ltd.
Business consultancy in the area of business restructuring services, change management, financial functions, inward investment, efficiency and operational excellence, shared service centres and more. 1103 Budapest, Koer utca 2/A. C. ep.
RAKSOM Hungary Ltd.
Consultancy services in the field of automotive aftermarket offering products such as mystery shopping, business development, advise in competition law, training and coaching. 2234 Maglod, Thokoly utca 2/A.
Multiservice Ltd.
Company providing services in the fields of tax consultancy, book-keeping, pay-roll, company representation, interpreting. 1134 Budapest, Kassak Lajos u. 56.
Advantage Coaching Ltd.
Providing training, coaching and consultancy in the field of human and organization development. Programs available for leadership, sales, skills, coaching and process communication development. 1118 Budapest, Gombocz Zoltan street 14. (2nd floor)
Lionson Ltd.
Company providing consultancy services in business organisation, processes, risk analysis, productivity and efficiency, HR development. 1111 Budapest, Budafoki ut 9-11.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Tanacsado Kft
Business consultancy in the area of business restructuring services, change management, efficiency and operational excellence, procurement and infrastructure investments, shared service centres. 1077 Budapest, Wesselenyi u 16.
Business Management Hungary
Starting Business in Hungary. Immigration matters. Daily operation. And whatever you need: we will tell you how we can solve your problems.
Colling Accounting & Consulting Ltd.
Bookkeeping, tax advisory, payroll and cafeteria services for corporate customers. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 141.
DOOR Develeopment
Consulting company providing services in the area of training, assessment, consulting, coaching, e-learning, primarily for corporate customers. 1112 Budapest, Beregszasz ut 80.
Ad Sidera Outdoor Ltd.
Consultancy company providing services in leadership development solutions, skill development, organizational development, team building trainings, outdoor exploring and adventurous programs. 1033 Budapest, Szentendrei ut 89-95. X. ep. fszt. 8.
Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger International Ltd.
Company providing business consultancy in the area of business restructuring services, change management, and recruitment services. 1012 Budapest, Logodi utca 44.
Business Consultancy
Business Management Hungary helps investors and entrepreneurs to start their business in Hungary. We give legal- and tax advising such us administration services and handling immigration mattres.