Business Training & Coaching

Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions is about stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing change, focusing only on the path forward, both professionally and personally. "Dont look back, youre not going that way."
Moment-Consulting Ltd.
Company providing management consulting, coaching, adult education, business services, motivation analysis, marketing, training, negotiation strategies, telephone marketing, customer and employee surveys. 1039 Budapest, Versec sor 9.
Language professionals providing training in English for teachers and activities for children in English language. 2100 Godollo, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 12. I. em. 5.
Simonyi Es Toth Ltd.
Company specialised in head-hunting, organisational development, coaching, performance appraisal, outplacement, and training courses. 1015 Budapest, Szabo I. u. 71/a.
RAKSOM Hungary Ltd.
Consultancy services in the field of automotive aftermarket offering products such as mystery shopping, business development, advise in competition law, training and coaching. 2234 Maglod, Thokoly utca 2/A.
DOOR Develeopment
Consulting company providing services in the area of training, assessment, consulting, coaching, e-learning, primarily for corporate customers. 1112 Budapest, Beregszasz ut 80.
Ad Sidera Outdoor Ltd.
Consultancy company providing services in leadership development solutions, skill development, organizational development, team building trainings, outdoor exploring and adventurous programs. 1033 Budapest, Szentendrei ut 89-95. X. ep. fszt. 8.
Pitman Training Courses
Independent training provider for trainings in secretarial, Microsoft Office, keyboard skills, management training, self and career development, book-keeping and accounting and language courses. 1033 Budapest, Tavasz u. 3.
Advantage Coaching Ltd.
Providing training, coaching and consultancy in the field of human and organization development. Programs available for leadership, sales, skills, coaching and process communication development. 1118 Budapest, Gombocz Zoltan street 14. (2nd floor)
Training service provision to organisations and individuals wishing to enhance skills/knowledge in business communication, presentations, negotiations, constructive confrontation and interpersonal skills. All courses taught in English.
Corporate Communications Plc.
Business Language and Training Company operating in-company, in small classes (generally no more than 6 people in one class), or one-to-one. 1056 Budapest, Váci utca 67.
Profil Training Ltd.
Tailor-made training programmes both in functional training of company workgroups (management, customer service, sales or training) and in tailor-made managerial development programmes. 1112 Budapest, Retkerulo ut 9.
Kopernikus Ltd.
Company specialised in business trainings and courses in the fields of finance, purchasing, IT, management, customer services and language lessons. 1051 Budapest, Oktober 6 utca 7.