Car Hire & Vehicle Rental

Ald Automotive Magyarorszag Ltd.
Company offering used cars by online platform for dealers and private customers. 1133 Budapest, Vaci ut 76.
MKB-Euroleasing Autopark Inc.
Company providing fleet management and leasing solution for cars. 1022 Budapest, Bimbo ut 56.
Arval Magyarorszag Ltd.
Car financing division of BNP Paribas Bank offering financial solutions including periodic maintenance, road assistance, tire management, courtesy car, insurance and fuel management. 1113 Budapest, Bocskai ut 134-146.
Fox AutoRent
Car rental company with fleet of over 300 cars and 4 location in Hungary. Assortment ranging from small cars over larger cars, minivans or small buses. Also a range of vans and mini trucks.
H-Ins-car Hungaria Ltd.
Company providing services in terms of car hire, car rental and fleet management for passenger cars and mini buses. Also sales of used vehicles 1165 Budapest, Kalitka utca 2.
Corner Car Center Ltd.
Do you need a car? Wouldnt you rather rent a car with full service? The solution is provided by Corner Car Center to you. No matter if short or long term rental - we provide high class services and solutions at affordable price level.
Cib Rent Inc.
Fleet management and financial solutions, including insurance, assistance and others. 1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.
Europcar Hungary
Car rental company offering services in short, mid and long term rental of passenger cars and vans, for private and individuals. 1238 Budapest Szentlorinci ut.
Frank Auto Ltd.
Company providing limousine services for weddings, birthdays, sightseeing and other events. Rental also possible. 1188 Budapest, Tiszavirag u. 14/a.
AVIS rent-a-car
International car rental company establishment in 1969. Fleet includes 300 vehicles with a range of 16 vehicle brands, also vans and minibuses. Open Monday to Thursday from 8:00-16:30, Friday 8:00-16:00. 2220 Vecses, Ecseri ut 21.
Sixt Car Rental
Franchise partner of Germany-based Sixt AG, provides car and truck rental services. Almost 400 vehicles as part of our Sixt car rental services. Open Monday to Friday from 7:00-19:00, weekends from 8:00-18:00. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 141.
Budapest Flotta Inc.
Financial solution for car leasing or re-leasing. Also fleet management including call-centre support, insurance, 24/7 assistance, tire management, fuel card, key solution, reports, mobile parking. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 193.
Nemeth Aniko
Car rental service in Budapest near the Liszt Ferenc Airport. We offer different size of cars: small, medium and estate. Also offering vehicles undergoing regular maintenance and service checks prior to every rental and assist you on your way.
Autoflotta Ltd.
Company providing services in terms of car operations, such as purchasing, financing, fleet management, cost control, repair control, tire management, chauffeur services , insurance, fuel management, used cars. 2724 Ujlengyel, Ady Endre utca 15.
Rentpont Ltd.
Car rental for Opel branded vehicles in cases of rental during car service, short and long term rental, operative leasing, fleet management. 1163 Budapest, Hosok fasora 50.
Ber-Elek Ltd.
Rent-a-car services from the Schiller automotive group, who is authorized dealer for Opel, Chevrolet, Toyota, Skoda, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen. Open every day from 8:00-18:00. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 113.
Star Rent Ltd.
Rent-a-car services from authorized Merced-Benz dealer and workshop offering brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mitsubishi and KIA. 1117 Budapest, Hunyadi J. ut 6.
Harum Inc.
Company providing rental and operative leasing services for - in majority - passenger cars. Also available fleet management for companies. 1118 Budapest, Retkoz utca 5.
Porsche L.S. Ltd.
Car rental organisation of the Porsche Group offering Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen branded vehicles for short and long time rental. 21 offices county-wide. 1139 Budapest, Fay u. 27.
Euro-Motors Autohaz Ltd.
Company offering rent-a-car services. Independent motor bike and passenger car workshop. Distribution of Aprilia, Vespa and Motowell motor bikes. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00-18:00, Saturdays from 9:00-13:00. 1173 Budapest, Hajducsarda u. 2.
De Lage Landen Leasing Ltd.
Finance company of Siemens Ag providing vendor finance, car lease and other banking services. 1095 Budapest, Lechner Odon fasor 6. 3. em.
Sixt Car Rental
Car rental services for corporate and private clients with locations in all major cities in Hungary. Product assortment from small cars up to vans. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 141. 2. em.
Travelside Ltd.
Company providing passanger transport (also to other European countries) and parcel forwrding. Also available tourist guide, interpretation, dinner and event planning, car-hiring and driver service. 2370 Dabas, Bartok Bela ut 46. A . ep . 2. em. 31.