Children: Days Out For Kids

Adventure Park Csilleberc
Company operating rope course adventure parks in Hungary. Beside normal visits, the company is offering Individual rope course, birthday party, climbing wall, summer day-time camp, night climbing and other. 1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklos ut 21.
Gorzenal Ltd.
Largest roller-skate and leisure park in Europe on 14 000 m2 surface. Ideal for BMX, roller-skate, street-ball and wall-climbing. 1037 Budapest, Arpad fejedelem utja 125.
Visegradi Bobpalya Plc.
Toboggan ciruit located north of Budapest with 2 lanes: summer toboggan and alpine coaster, 700m long slide. Open every day, also during winter. 2025 Visegrad, Matyas kiraly u. 41.
Budapesti Vidam Park Inc.
Amusement park of the capital combining tradition and innovation. Founded in 1950 and rebuild since then several times. Online information about the park and installations available. 1146 Budapest, Allatkerti korut 14-16.
Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
Zoo and botanical garden of Budapest located in Budapest downtown. Several hundred of land and water animals. Parking possibility near zoo. Public transportation by underground, bus or trolley-bus. 1146 Budapest, Allatkerti ut 6-12.
Tropicarium-Oceanarium Ltd.
Zoo for tropical and ocean animals, such as sharks, snakes, alligators, reptiles, rays, fishes, monkeys and plenty more. Located in Campona shopping centre, in the 22nd district. Open every day from 10:00-20:00. 1222 Budapest, Nagytetenyi ut 37-45.
Palace of Miracles
Exhibition and play ground demonstrating the miracles of physics and chemistry to children on 2000 m2 surface. Every hour science show in own auditorium. Opening hours daily from 10:00-20:00. 1222 Budapest, Nagytetenyi ut 37-43.
Budakeszi Safari Park
Safari park located in the western suburb area of Budapest. House animals and wild animals which are typical in the Hungarian environment. Buffets and restaurant on site. Guided tours during night time on demand. 2029 Budakeszi, Vadaspark
Old Lake Golf
Golf yard with 18 holes (Par 71) located in the western suburb area of Budapest, within 30 minutes driving distance. Also available hotel services and adventure park for children. 2890 Tata, Remetesegpuszta.