Construction: Builders, Artisans & Trades

I+H Ltd.
Company providing real estate development, architecture and interior design services. Also available office rental for meetings. 1093 Budapest, Lonyay u 29.
Delap Kft.
Company providing stones and ornament brick for outdoor and indoor wall surfaces. Open hours Monday to Friday from 7:00-16:00. 1239 Budapest, Kozeptemeto utca 11.
Finn Sauna
We are providing original finnish Harvia sauna heaters. Finnish saunas, infrared cabins, salt-therapies, Hygromatik and Harvia steamers. Also complete construction, renovatioan, relocation of saunas. 1084 Budapest, Jozsef u. 52.
Rakosy-Glass Ltd.
Family maintained enterprise providing glass processing for buildings. 1103 Budapest, Noszlopy u. 3-5.
Hidro-Build Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag
Company providing execution of home refurbishing project and complete construction of buildings. 1039 Budapest, Bercsenyi u 10.
Elmont-Hating Ltd.
Providing services in the electrician industry, such as Electrical designing, installation, switchboard construction, trade of electrical materials. 1027 Budapest, Horvath u. 28/36.
5-Let Ltd.
Planning, development and construction of geothermal heating-cooling solutions including RFT geothermal ground probe design and construction. 2120 Dunakeszi, Baratsag ut 4/A. IV. em. 6.
Balint Es Tarsa Epiteszek Ltd.
Company providing design, planning and construction of family houses, offices and industrial buildings. 1051 Budapest, Oktober 6 u 3.
Euro Vill-Szer Ltd.
Installation, maintenance and repair of electric network, light construction (Rigips), unique home-theatre installations, gate-opening installations, planning and building of "intelligent" houses. 1152 Budapest, Matyas utca 47.
11. ProAblak Ltd
Provides construction materials and interior products, such as windows, heating installations, venetian blinds, flooring, mattress and various technical equipment. Planning and execution of building projects 1117 Budapest, Oktober 23. u. 25.
Company providing assessment, production and installation of glass made products, such as portals, shower cabins, doors, windbreaks, glass furniture, canopies, railing, walking surfaces, colour glass and mirrors, display cabinet, shelves and more.
Renouveaux Ltd.
Company providing execution of refurbishing projects in the home and office renovation sectors starting from planning to painting and renovation to furnishing and decoration. 1013 Budapest, Lanchid utca 7-9.
Contact Real Ltd.
Complete execution of low and high voltage systems for industrial and commercial buildings, family houses. Also general execution of constructions, technical inspections and maintenance. 2234 Maglod, Mikszath Kalman utca 17.
Dl1 Ltd.
Shop for electronic installation equipment. Web shop also available. 1139 Budapest, Forgach utca 22.
Eurogate 2000 Ltd.
Installation and distribution of garage doors, fire retardant and steel doors, door automation systems. Additional services: expert advise, maintenance, delivery. 2013 Pomaz, Ipartelepi u. (hrsz 3464)
HamarHomes Plc.
Company providing execution of home refurbishing project starting from consultancy, hands-on for completion, or execution from A-Z. 1134 Budapest, Robert Karoly korut 38.
Epszerk-Pannonia Invest Epitoipari Ltd.
Company providing construction, architect and surveyor services. 1031 Budapest, Szentendrei ut 202.
Time Design Ltd.
Construction company providing planning, interior and exterior design, renovation and maintenance. 1087 Budapest, Szazados ut 32.
Prefa Hungaria Ltd.
Company producing roofing systems, facade covering, gutter systems, flood protection and solar cells. Also consulting services and country-wide network of resellers. 2040 Budaors, Gyar utca 2.
Csoszer-Vill Ltd.
Execution of low and high voltage systems for houses, industrial and commercial buildings. 1022 Budapest, Eszter utca 12. a. ep. II. em. 5.
Prestige Construct Ltd.
Company providing services for receiving governmental funds for private and corporate clients. Also single-point-of contact for offers related to renovation, construction, grants and loans, real estates. 1067 Budapest, Terez korut 31.
Kling Ltd.
Trade and service a variety of gate systems such as garage and industrial door, automatic gates, building tracks and hardware, lifting equipment, gauges, and wrought iron products. 1106 Budapest, Granatos u. 6.
Pepita Hollo Plc.
Company providing execution of home refurbishing project from small repair jobs to complete renovation of homes and buildings. Also assembling of furniture, fitting of shelves and pictures and many more handyman jobs. 1202 Budapest, Szamos utca 4.
Dome Facility Services Ltd.
Company specialised on residential rapid response, renovation and construction of buildings. 1023 Budapest, Lajos utca 28-32. V. em.
D.V.M. Construction Ltd.
Construction and investment company offering interior design, project management, general management and environmental consultancy services. 1054 Budapest, Szemere u. 17.
Vilati Szerelo Ltd.
Providing service for building electricity installations, technical preparation of projects and complete electric maintenance tasks of buildings. 1037 Budapest, Bojtar utca 41-47.
English-speaking builders who renovate Budapest apartments.  Fitting kitchens, bathrooms, soundproofing and double glazing. also can install flooring.
Viv Inc.
The Group companies providing prime contracting, general project implementation, design, manufacturing and maintenance tasks within the construction industry. 1077 Budapest, Bethlen Gabor u 21-23.