Counselling & Therapists

Gabriella Brédáné Kis
Services offered include counselling, relationship counselling, psychotherapy, trauma and bereavement counselling. Also offers online counselling.
Dora Tothfalusi
English speaking Couples and Family Therapist, Counseling Psychologist.
Vass István
Counseling psychologist in Budapest with hypnotherapy and group therapy practice is looking forward to offer his services.
Svitlana Konstantynova
Couples therapy, family therapy and individual therapy. English and Russian spoken.
PsyAid Budapest
Counselling services for stress, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and relationship issues.
Borbély-Ipkovich Emőke
Bilingual psychologist  available for face to face and online counselling to treat a variety of problems, including stress and time management, couples’ issues, grieving, disharmony of intimacy and sexual life, life transitions and...
Mentál Központ
Team of psychologists providing counselling and therapy in longstanding or recent mental problems, psychosomatic disorders, problems in relationship and other issues.
József Takács
Counselling and therapy services for individuals who experience depression, anxiety, panic stress, loss, low self-esteem, problematic drug use, or difficulties with changes in relationships, home or work  life. 
Pszicho Centrum
Group of psychologists and psychiatrists providing counselling and therapies for individuals and pairs. Also stress centre, hypnosis, depression centre.
Ménesi Pszichoterápiás Rendelő
Psychotherapy and Counselling in individual and group setting in English, Hungarian and German Accepting and warm atmosphere in a pleasant environment for sharing your difficulties with certified professionals
Vivien Németh
Counselling and psychotherapy for a range of mental health issues.
Dr. Tamas Berky
Psychoanalytically oriented counselling in Budapest for patients with anxiety, low self-esteem, mood swings, work-related or relationship difficulties. 
Anna Felegyhazy
Psychologist holding therapy sessions both in Hungarian and English in Budapest. Deals with a range of issues affecting people's everyday lives.