Doctors & Medical Practitioners

Regnum Sanitas Plc.
Company offering medical services, such as eye examination, ultrasound examination, vascular examination and surgery, laboratory examination, dentistry, plastic surgery and cosmetology. Accommodation also available. 1025 Budapest, Ganz u. 8.
I am 10 years qualified physiotherapist and manualtherapist. I treat sports injuries, rehabilitation after surgery, spine problems, and children diseases. My specialities are Dorn, Schroth, KinesioTaping, McKenzie therapy, Manualtherapy.
Robert Karoly Private Clinics
Private Clinic specialised in private out and inpatient womens health issues in a complex manner, such as maternity centre, antenatal care, gynaecology, infertility, surgery, hand surgery.
Hospital Telki
Company offering hospital and outpatient services. Located in the northern green suburb area of Budapest. Also offering health insurance, screenings and consulting hours. 2089 Telki, Korhaz fasor 1.
FMC Dializis Center Ltd.
Medical care centre providing products and services for individuals undergoing dialysis because of chronic kidney failure. 1037 Budapest, Szepvolgyi ut 35-37.
Korut Medical Centre
Medical centre providing aesthetic dermatology, STD, HPV Centre, general dermatology, gynaecology, laser treatments, plastic surgery, urology-andrology and medical services. 1137 Budapest, Szent Istvan krt. 24.
Hungaria Med-M Ltd.
Medical clinic specialised in the areas of occupational health-care, manager screening, cardiology and medicine. Country-wide network. 1132 Budapest, Csanady u. 6/b.
Diaverum Hungary Ltd.
Independent renal care provider offering renal care services in the fields of dialysis, transplantations or preventive care and lifestyle related services. 1021 Budapest, Versec sor 9.
Swiss Medical Services
Private medical service provider offers services in all areas of treatment with a team of 150 doctors and 30 assistants. Also in-house insurance services, which covers all treatments and visits within the clinic. 1113 Budapest, Ibrahim u. 26.
Omch Ltd.
Medical centre providing services in the area of gastroscopy, colonoscopy, stomach ultrasound, polipectomy, dietetic counselling, proctology counselling, hepatology counselling. 1038 Budapest, Papirgyar utca 58-59.
Mamma Inc.
Medical centre specialised in mammography screening and consultancy related to breast cancer. Two locations within Budapest, in the 12th and in the 2nd district. 1125 Budapest, Fogaskereku u. 4-6.
Svabhegys Emergency Care
The Emergecy Care Unit is specialized for taking care of medical duties in cases where the patients own doctor is out of business hours at the time you need care. Also traditional consulting services and treatments. 1037 Budapest, Bokor utca 17-21.
Coral Medical Center
Medical Center providing services in internal medicine, cardiology, androgyny, urology, demonology, gastroenterology, neurology, psychiatry, occupational health, 4D ultrasound scanning, dermatology, obstetrics-gynecology, ENT and allergology.
I.M.S. Ltd.
Clinics located in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd district of Budapest providing private and governmentally financed medical services, but also outpatient services, occupational healthcare, emergency services, home care and more. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 184.
Euromedic Diagnostics Magyarorszag Ltd.
Medical company with 12 diagnostics centres in Hungary. Examinations: MR, CT, X-ray, mammography, ultrasonography, ultrasound – 4D baby movie, bone density, angiography, isotope, cardiology, health screening packages. 1135 Budapest, Lehel u. 59.
Saint James Hospital Hungary Ltd.
Ophthalmology company providing services in laser vision correction, cataract surgery, intraocular lenses, diabetic eye conditions, cosmetic eye surgery, glaucoma treatments, eye tests & care. 1026 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 33-35.
Men For Care Ltd.
Medical centre providing services for private and corporate clients. Basic services are GP, dentistry, women protection and emergency duties. Also 31 outpatient services. 2040 Budaors, Kossuth Lajos u. 9.
Swiss Medical Services Ltd.
Private medical service provider for individual or corporate clients practicing in all fields of medicine with 150 doctors and several partners country-wide. Also 24/7 emergency duty. 1092 Budapest, Kinizsi u 22. fszt. 4.
Emineo Health and Trauma Centre
Medical centre that includes cardiology, orthopaedic, sports injury and a rehabilitation department. Facilities for x-rays, ultrasound and lab tests. 1117 Budapest, Nadorliget utca 8/b.
Sanamed Nonprofit Ltd.
Governmentally supported and on demand privately organised transportation of patients with ambulance in Pest county. 2740 Abony, Szolnoki ut 24.
Expat Ltd.
Medical service provider concentrating on the expat community in Budapest offering general practitioner services. Spoken languages are Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian and Russian. 1037 Budapest, Matyashegyi ut 43.
K-Med Ltd.
Company providing services in professional medical healthcare and diagnosis for employees. Also general medicine, labour, dermatology, manager screening, eye diagnostics, medical approval for driving license. 2040 Budaors, Pillango utca 6.
Proto Prevent Ltd.
Medical centre located in the 8th district of Budapest offering services for private and corporate clients in terms of occupational healthcare, driving license, weapon permission, screenings and outpatient care. 1154 Budapest, Klapka Gy. u. 49.
Oxygen Medical Ltd.
Centre for lifestyle medicine offering services in the area of dental & beauty spa, preventive screenings, special clinics, lifestyle programs and corporate health. 1042 Budapest, Arpad ut 47.
Medserv Ltd.
Clinic providing complete pathology care from diagnostics to specific tests, including opportunity of molecular pathology tests. Also both histological and cytological examinations, gynaecology and aspiration cytology. 1112 Budapest, Suveg u. 10/b.
Gaspar Medical Center-Ecto Derma Polyklinika Ltd.
Dental clinic offering dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, otolaryngology, dermatology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, orology. Equipped with 24 medical laser. 1085 Budapest, Jozsef korut 37-39. II. em. 10.
Dr. Rose Ltd.
Medical centre combining a fully-equipped state hospital and a patient-orientated private clinic. Not only conventional services, but healthcare packages and lifestyle programs can also be found. 1051 Budapest, Szechenyi ter 7-8.
Trioptria Ltd.
Company providing ophthalmological and optician services for adults and children. Distribution of glasses, lens, frames and accessories. Open Monday to Friday from 0:00-18:00, Saturday from 1:00-13:00. 1092 Budapest, Ferenc korut 42.
Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Center
Private medical clinic providing diagnosis services in the area of MR, CT and ultrasound. 1038 Budapest, Csobanka ter 6.
Uvek Ltd.
Medical company providing extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy at hospitals on demand. The therapy is eliminating stones in kidney and bile. 1027 Budapest, Kacsa utca 15-23.
Ciris Budapest Ltd.
Clinic treating fertility problems with a holistic approach, both for women and men. Also services in the areas of diagnostics, urology and out-patient surgery. 1076 Budapest, Peterfy Sandor utca 8-20
B. Braun Avitum Hungary Inc.
Member of B. Braun Group providing dialysis services within own network of 18 centres. 1023 Budapest, Felhevizi utca 5.
Pozitron-Diagnostics Helth Centre
Medical diagnosis centre with special positron technology, which is able to generate images of biochemical processes of the body with the help of molecules labelled with positron-emitting isotopes. 1117 Budapest, Hunyadi Janos u 9-11.
Ims Budapest Ltd.
Health centre providing outpatient services, manager screening, flat-rate medical care, point based medical care, emergency services and support of life-style changes. 1138 Budapest, Vaci utca 184.
Medicover Inc.
medical centre providing services for private and corporate clients in terms of occupational health care, corporate well-being, screenings, prenatal care, out-patient services, disease prevention and more. 1123 Budapest, Alkotas utca 50.
Europ-Med Ltd.
Private medical clinic offering centrally supported and payable medical services, such as 1-day surgeries, screenings, sport medicine, private consultations. 2040 Budaors, Kossuth Lajos u. 9
Medicina B. M Ltd.
Medical centre located close to downtown Budapest providing occupational health care, GP, manager screening, vaccine centre, health screening, smoking cessation, first aid training and private specialists. 1135 Budapest, Jasz u 84-88.
Somnius Ltd.
Private medical centre specialised on sleeping disorders offering services in consultation, sleeping disorder diagnosis, therapy consultation, screening control and maintenance. 1126 Budapest, Hertelendy u. 13.
Focus Med Ltd.
Eye microsurgery and laser centre providing individualised vision correction services. The used FEMO (IntraLasik) technology is a pinless procedure, which enables clients going back to work within 1-2 days. 1138 Budapest, Danubius Thermal Hotel
Ujpesti Egeszsegugyi Nonprofit Ltd.
Outpatient care located in the 10th district of Budapest providing outpatient services for adults and children, women protection services, mental health care. 1046 Budapest, Gorgey Artur utca 30.
Gyogyir XI. Nonprofit Ltd.
Primary and specialised care mainly for the inhabitants of the 11th district of Budapest. Functions covered: ambulatory clinic, the district midwifery, paediatric dentistry, health services for children. 1117 Budapest, Fehervari ut 12.
Dr. Soproni Anna Maria
Ophthalmologist specialised on the disorders of the eye movement. Consulting hours Monday from 10:00 to 16:00, Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00-19:00. 1145 Budapest, Rona u. 205 /A-IV/2.
Medicina Bajmegelozo Ltd.
Medical centre located close to downtown Budapest providing occupational health care, GP, manager screening, vaccine centre, health screening, smoking cessation, first aid training and private specialists. 1135 Budapest, Jasz u 84-88.
Ferencvaros Medical Centre
Medical centre of the 10th district in Budapest, Ferencvaros. Service offerings in the areas of home care, womens protective services, in-patient care, youth health, one-day surgery, general practitioners and dentistry. 1095 Budapest, Mester u. 45.
Cleopatra Medical Center
Medical centre providing complete body ultrasound diagnosis, breast diagnosis, obstetrician gynecology, gynecologists diagnostic center, 4D baby ultrasound and genetics and surgical oncology consultation, 1068 Budapest Szondi u. 51/53.