Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Provet Ltd.
Veterinary providing services for pets in terms of general examinations, vaccinations, oral higyene care, microchip implantation, diagnostics, laboratory examinations, surgery and more. Also foods and other pet shop. 1026 Budapest, Csevi u 1.
Budapesti Allatkorhaz Ltd.
Animal Hospital of Budapest offering non-stop general veterinary service for dogs and cats, microchip marking and identification, pet passport, pet shop and animal pharmacy. 1135 Budapest, Lehel u 43-47.
Cityvet Ltd.
Veterinary located in Budapest downtown provides general clinical examinations, microchip implantation, vaccinations, medical and obstetrical examinations, surgical care, dental prophylaxis, softlaser therapy. 1056 Budapest, Belgrad rakpart 17.
Primavet Ak Ltd.
Veterinary covering all range of pet tratments including, MRI, acupuncture, surgeries and more. Also forexotic pets. Open working days from 8:00-22:00, Saturday from 9:00-22:00, Sunday from 9:00-20:00. 1152 Budapest, Rakos ut 60.
Pet Nuts Ltd.
Company offering Royal Canin branded food for pets. Open every day from 8:00-20:00. Online shopping possibility and home delievry. Payment in cash or credit card, homedileries payed at the courier. 1136 Budapest, Balzac utca 15. II. em. 7.
Felicavet Ltd.
Hospital and medical care centre for pets. Open working days from 9:00-20:00, after 20:00 emergency service. Weekends open from 9:00-20:00. 1118 Budapest, Retkoz u. 16.
KutyaJatek - PetToys
Independent pet store conveniently located on Dohany utca in the VII district of Budapest. We offer a large selection of leading pet food brands available in store and via our website.
Dr. Juhasz Pet Hospital
Pet hospital providing wide range of medical pet care, hospitalisation, pet food and shop for accessories. 1112 Budapest, Peterhegyi ut 46.
Independent pet store conveniently located on Mester utca in the IX district of Budapest. We offer a large selection of leading pet food brands available in store and via our website.
Novavet Ltd.
Veterinary providing health examinations, geriatric care, general surgery, soft laser therapy, laser surgery, nutritional counselling, pharmacy and pet shop, dental care. Open Monday to Friday from 9:00-19:00. 1146 Budapest, Hermina ut 30-32.
Hudson-Vet Ltd.
Vaterinry located in Budapest downtown and in the castle district providing full range of pet medical care. Availability in both sides every day of the week. 1045 Budapest, Chinoin utca 4. fszt. 2.
Galapagos Bio-Art Studio Plc.
Company engaged in manufacturing and designing aquariums and terrariums combined with distribution of accessories. Also available: pet food and accessories for birds and small pets, professional books. 1062 Budapest, Vaci ut 1-3.
Hungarovet Pet Hospital
American style hospital for pets located in the 22nd district of Budapest providing full range of pet treatments, including allergic diagnosis, dental care and much more. Also pet pharmacy in place. 1223 Budapest, Brassoi utca 10/a
Kennel with covered, heated dog boarding facilities as well as related services such as dog walking, sitting, training, therapeutic treatment, dog accommodation. Also two dog grooming salons both on the Buda and the Pest side.
Dunakeszi Veterinary
Veterinary located north of Budapest providing range of treatment and consultancy for pets, also for exotic ones. 2120 Dunakeszi, Dozsa Gyorgy ter
Bottyan Equus Hungary Association
Association with the main objective to eliminate places where horses do not get treatment which they deserve, where basic needs can not be ensured. We take care abut those horses, but dogs as well. 2162 Orbottyan, Erkel Ferenc u. 0246/1.
Retail business of veterinary and pet food, but also tools, medicine and accessories for pets. Network of 16 shops in Budapest area. Majority of products is produced by parent company named Alpha-Vet Ltd. 1194 Budapest, Hoffher Albert u. 38-40.
Vet-Nutrition-consulting Ltd.
Producer of animal breeding products with distribution network. Also for hobby animals and household pets. 1138 Budapest, Nepfurdo utca 17. d. lhaz. fszt 2.
We offer 2 types of pet sitting for the best comfort of your pet. Daily visit: one of our pet sitters visits your pet at your home every day while you are away. Host Family: our pet sitter takes home your pet, takes care of her/him like we were you.
Vet-Plus Ltd.
Online pharmacy for pets covering healthcare, medical and accessories for pets. Also veterinary services. 1041 Budapest, Bardos Artur u. 4.
Lavet Ltd.
Production and distribution of food and supplementary, vitamins for animals. 1161 Budapest, Otto u. 14.
Profivet Ltd.
Veterinarian located in the northern suburb area of Budapest providing services in special examinations, screening tests, surgical interventions, cosmetics, hospitalization, dysplasia, arthroscopy, dermatology and more. 2131 God, Berzsenyi u. 2.
Hegyvideki Kisallatklinika Plc.
Veterinary services provided in 3 different locations in the northern suburb area of Budapest. Services include a range of medicinal pet care. On-duty service 24/7. 2000 Szentendre, Romai sanc 2/b.
Szamoca Allategeszsegugyi Kozpont Ltd.
Company providing veterinary services, pension for pets, cosmetic treatments and accessories. On duty services every day between 20:00-08.00. 2049 Diosd, Sashegyi ut 10.