Domestic Services & Cleaners

Clean-Tone Ltd.
Company offering cleaning services on daily or general basis. Beside cleaning of familiy houses and villas, also gardening services, upholstery and carpet cleaning available. 1113 Budapest, Daroci ut 1-3.
Ecocord Plc.
EcoCord House Cleaning. We clean thoroughly, completely and reliably. The price to clean your home is based on many factors, the size of your home, frequency of cleaning, number of pets, level of clutter, floor surfaces etc. Call us for a free estimate.
Benusz Ltd.
Company providing services in the fields on cleaning and gardening. Also available, rental of personel according to customers needs (maids, cleaners, daily help, porters, and other). 1186 Budapest, Tovishat utca 21. I. em. 1.
Top-Clean 87 Ltd.
Company offering full scope cleaning, every day cleaning, big cleaning, full scope of alpine technology tasks, hand over after constructing, cleaning of carpets, cleaning of fronts and facades. 1163 Budapest, Thokoly ut 7/a.
Nimbusz Plusz Ltd.
Cleaning service for private and corporate customers, all kinds of buildings. Special services: cleaning and polishing of stone and parquet surfaces, cleaning of upholstery, leather and carpets. 1035 Budapest, Kaszasdulo utca 1.
Pedanteria-Plusz Ltd.
Cleaning of industrial or office buildings on regular or occasionalbase. Only environmently friendly cleaning agents are used. Also cleaning of windows, carpets and upholstery, facade. 2217 Gomba, Petofi S ut 18.
Csak Attila
Company providing home cleaning services on regular or individual base in flats and offices. Also cleaning services for windows, big cleaning, carpets, furniture, disinfection, pool and more. 1132 Budapest, Vaci ut 4.5.em.1. Ltd.
Services in different environments for helping expatriates or local in their daily routine in terms of relocation services, pet services (pet sitting, walking and daily visit), family hosting, house cleaning services. 1065 Budapest, Revay u. 8
Cleaning Commando
Professional cleaning service. At Budapest, Magyarország.