Event Planners & Event Management

Corporate Event Network
Budapest based MICE boutique Agency offering tailor-made events in exclusive locations, creative set-ups, colourful program and glamorous entertainment, fine dining and high-class catering for corporate and private functions in and around Budapest
Klub Rekreacio Ltd.
Comapny providing planning and organisation of sports events, including outdoor team buidling events, corporate or familiy based sport champinoships, water sport events, playground, hand-craft workshops and more. 1053 Budapest, Karolyi Mihaly u. 11.
Hungexpo Inc.
Main exhibition and fair event place in Hungary. Also organisation of conferences or other individual events. 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai ut 10.
Horizont Rendezvenyszervezo Iroda Plc.
Company providing venues for events, catering , special thematic events, programmes for adults (i.e. humour programme, acrobats shows), programmes for children (i.e. cartoonist, six circles game). 2051 Biatorbagy, Kassai u. 11.
Rs A. M. P. Plc.
Company offering services in the fields of event planning and field marketing. 1151 Budapest, Csobogos u. 4. 7. em. 45.
Light Positive Ltd.
Event planning and managing company for company events, festivals, concerts, theatrical performances and light painting. Own audio and visual equipment. 1111 Budapest, Budafoki ut 64.
Company located in downtown Budapest offering bike rental, bike tours and pub crawl services in Budapest. Open from spring (March 15) to autumn (October 20th). 1077 Budapest, Wesselenyi utca 13.
Corner Rendezvenykozpont Ltd.
Company offering venue in downtown for conferences and other occasion. On demand also organisation of events, or details of events (for example catering). 1051 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u 12.
Trofea Grill
Network of eat all you can restaurant located in 5 place in Budapest. The restaurants are offering a wide buffet selection of food and drinks at a fixed price. Also event venue and event organisation services.
Sziget Ltd.
Organiser of the musical festivals named Sziget (Island), Balaton Sound, Volt Festival, Children Island and OTP Gourmet Festival. Online information, programmmes, and ticket purchasing possibility. 1033 Budapest, Hajogyari sziget 23796/58.
BME Professors Guest House
Offering services such as sales activities for accommodation and venues for various events, organising conferences and other events in co-operation with the Budapest University of Technology. 1111 Budapest, Stoczek u. 5-7.
Volumen A Hangostars Ltd.
Event planner providing audio and visual equipment, including installation of those. Also available theatre equipment, video equipment and tools for interpretation. 1158 Budapest, Kesmark u 18.
Showtime Budapest Ltd.
International concert and production agency . Online ticket purchasing possibility. 1023 Budapest, Level utca 4.
Pannonia Tourist Service Ltd.
Tourist service office offering incoming and conference tourism, organising meetings and incentive programmes, conferences and corporate events. 1061 Budapest, Kiraly utca 16. 4. em. 409.
SYMA Event and Congress Centre
Venue with multiple halls and rooms for the purpose of exhibitions, events, shows or gala. 1146 Budapest, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 1.
Europa Rendezveny Iroda Ltd.
Ship available for individual events. Equipped with own restaurant. Frequents events under own organisation. 1137 Budapest, Radnoti Miklos utca 40.
Hungaria Koncert Ltd.
Travel agency with services securing an insight into the Hungarian culture. Beside classical music concerts and folk-dance performances, sightseeing with focus on the capital’s cultural heritage is also available. 1051 Budapest, Zrinyi u. 5.
Chronomoto Ltd.
Company providing organisation of professional team-building events, shows, exhibitions in the field of motorsport. Also available appliances, such as timekeeping clocks, displays and more for rental. 1213 Budapest, Hollandi ut 13.
Chef-Parade Ltd.
Contemporary cosmopolitan cooking studio for mastering the basics of International cooking. Available courses: individual, private events, corporate cooking, for tourists, for children, chocolate and cookies. 1094 Budapest, Pava u. 13. 5.
Company operating 22 cinemas country-wide, 9 in Budapest. Also IMAX and 4DX in Budapest. Playing movies in original language as well. Also: private screening, events. Online ticket reservation.
Balvany Ltd.
Execution of technical event planning for cultural events from small room events to big concert halls. Own audio and visual equippment, including power generator. 1122 Budapest, Szell Kalman ter 13.
Beneford Ltd.
Company offering corporate events, corporate family days, corporate sports events, corporate trainings and translations, interpretations. 1121 Budapest, Tegzes u 6.
Citadella Event Center
Venue located on the top of Gellerthegy with 3 indoor halls and one outdoor terrace. Also services such as catering, sound and light technique, decoration and others.
A-Z Produkcio Ltd.
Company providing mainly for corporate clients planning and organisation of events, marketing communication, concert organisation and PR. 1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 20.
Doblo Ltd.
Company offering wine & Palinka tastings, wine consultancy, wine catering, team buildings in and out of Doblo, Budapest by wine (sightseeing wine tasting), wine trips 1–3 day trips with our trusted partner wineries. 1072 Budapest, Dob utca 20
Naturhun Ltd.
Company offering organisation of hunting sports, rental of riffles, accommodation in first and second class hunting lodges and castles, organisation of transfers, sightseeing trips. 2053 Herceghalom, Gesztenyes ut 11.
Hungarokart Center Ltd.
Go-kart track located close to the Hungaroring. Services available: go-kart races, event organisation, restaurant, children playground and more. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00-22:00, Sundays from 13:00-22:00. 2146 Mogyorod, Ipar utca 1
Bonevent Ltd.
Company providing translation services, event organising, graphic design, printed material publication, decoration, catering, marketing services and more. 1119 Budapest, Fejer Lipot utca 65. 11. em. 88.
Cuzco Ltd.
Company providing outdoor and indoor organisation of sports events for corporate and private clients. 1039 Budapest, Bivalyos utca 59.