Flooring, Tiling & Carpet Fitters

Burkolax TT Ltd.
Company providing professional construction work in tiling, such as kitchen, bathroom, mosaic design, swimming pools. Also house renovations, wrecking and re-coating, laminate flooring, floor heating installations. 2118 Dany, Szechenyi utca 51.
Zsiros-Molnar Team Ltd.
Copmany providing distribution of wooden parquetry, some of them also suitable for floor-heating systems. Also available consultancy, fitting services, and accessories. 1121 Budapest, Varosmajor utca 42.
Bara-Szolg Ltd.
Company providing fitting of floor in terms of parquetting, tiles, PVC, carpet and panelling. Services primary for family houses, offices, shops and institutes. 1239 Budapest, Klebl Marton utca 15.