Garden Equipment & Nurseries

Growing plants of nursery garden on 12000m2 property. Offering: ornament trees, evergreens, bushes, perennials, fruit trees, mediterrian and exotic plants, garden accessories, chemical fertilizers, soil mixes. 2730 Albertirsa, Bicskei ut 5.
Exotic Garden Ltd.
Company offering wide range of exotic, Mediterranean and desert plants for sale and for rental. Also designing and construction of gardens, accessories and equipment. Web shopping and house deliveries available. 8220 Balatonalmadi, Golya utca 7.
Arbor Ltd.
Company offering flowers, plant and garden accessories within 7 locations in Budapest. Also providing landscape design, consultation and home delivery. Open every day from 8:00-18:00. 1112 Budapest, Kamaraerdei ut 12.
Sum Es Tarsa Ltd.
Company providing cut flowers, trees and other plants. Web shopping possibility and house delivery. Garden landscape services also available. 2310 Szigetszentmiklos, Leshegy Ipari Park Kantor u 3.
Hungaroplant Ltd.
Whole-sale and retail of plants and flowers on 25000m2 shoparea. Accessories and special plants, such as bonsai trees, cutted plants, Everris/Scotts products also available. 1194 Budapest, Meta u. 31
Escada Ltd.
Family bussiness providing flowers and plants for special events, copmosition of unique and classical bouquets, weddings decoration, office decoration. Flower delivery in Hungary and world-wide, also online. 1091 Budapest, Kalvin ter 9.
Fleurt Virag Ltd.
Flower shop providing decoration services for wedding, office, hotel, event, and interior. Plants also available. Online flower courier service. Open Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00, Saturdays from 10:00-16:00. 1051 Budapest, Zrinyi utca 12
Papillon Design
Wide assortment of gardening and outdoor tools, such as electric cars, pedalless bikes, fountains, Murano glass items and others.
Antal-Liget Ltd.
Company located in the eastern suburb area of Budapest providing garden and park construction, landscape architecture and park building. Own nursery offering flowers, trees, garden tools, building materials. 2144 Kerepes, Szabadsag ut 100/A.
Oazis Nagybani Kerteszeti Ltd.
Network of garden shops. Also offering gifts, garden design, garden building and wintering services for customers. For companies ornamental plant decoration, office decorating and nursering of plants. 1101 Budapest, Kobanyai u. 47. sz.
Boroszlan Kert Ltd.
Company offering garden services, including design and execution of plans. Special Available web shop offering plants, tools and equipment. 2030 Erd, Gellert utca 2.
Titina Ltd.
Landscape gardening and architecture of parks, residential area, houses and villas. 1025 Budapest, Csejtei utca 15-19. E. ep. II. em. 5.
Aqualing Ltd.
Company providing services and products in pool building, easy set pools , SPA & Wellness pools, saunas, ovens, mechanical engineering, parts and accessories, garden furniture . 1116 Budapest, Fehervari ut 120.