Gifts, Florists & Flowers

Varga Crystal
Crystal glass artwork for water, wine, vodka and champagne. Family manufacturing operated by 3rd generation in Budapest downtown. 1063 Budapest, Munkacsi Mihaly utca 23.
Network of shops specialised on drinks and chocolate, but especially on wines. Online shopping possible. Open: Monday to Friday from 10:00-20:00 , Saturday from 10:00-18:00. 1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 91.
Imori Ltd.
Flower and gift shop located in the Duna shopping maul. Individual flower compositions, decoration for home, wedding and business purpose. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 178
Varga Design Ltd.
Manufactur for jewellery working with gold, silver and platinum for men and women. Gift products also available. Store open Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:00, Sunday from 10:00-16:00. 1052 Budapest, Haris koz 6.
Escada Ltd.
Family bussiness providing flowers and plants for special events, copmosition of unique and classical bouquets, weddings decoration, office decoration. Flower delivery in Hungary and world-wide, also online. 1091 Budapest, Kalvin ter 9.
SzivNet Flower Delivery Service
Flower delivery service to Hungary and all other countries. With the help of our 120 local florists all over Hungary, your order can be delivered even within one hour. On-line customer service, multiple payment options. Fast and reliable service.
Affianced Fine Jewellery
The jewel collection Hungarian Wedding uses elements of the rich and diversified new-style Hungarian folk art created at the turn of the 18th and 19th century. 1096 Budapest, Lenhossek utca 31.
Fresh and seasonal flower bouquets delivered in Budapest by bike. Genuine unique weekly designs and a donation to the Hungarian Cyclists Club. Flower subscription and arrangements for business, events and private premises.
Fleurt Virag Ltd.
Flower shop providing decoration services for wedding, office, hotel, event, and interior. Plants also available. Online flower courier service. Open Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00, Saturdays from 10:00-16:00. 1051 Budapest, Zrinyi utca 12
Arioso Budapest Ltd.
Company providing flowers, gifts and complete interior design services. Also small coffe-house within the shop. Open Monday to Friday from 10:00-19:00, Saturday from 10:00-16:00 1075 Budapest, Kiraly u. 9.
B my Brillionaire
Brillionaire Jewellery store in the centre of Budapest. A piece of luxury for everyone. The showroom is full with handmade, extraordinary titanium, enamel, silver and carbon jewellery. Available online too. 1052 Budapest, Regiposta utca 13.
Pave Jewellery
Jewellery shop located in downtown Budapest offering selection of Italian and Belgian jewelleries. Majority of pieces are handmade of 18 carat gold, wide range of precious and semi-precious stones. 1051 Budapest, Vigado u. 4-6.
Hungarian Souvenirs
Online souvenir shop formed to collect hidden treasures of Hungary, gift items, relics, which are carefully prepared by Hungarian hands.
Bacchus Wine-Shop
Network of wine shops available in Budapest downtown in 3 locations. Among others, customer can choose from 400 Hungarian wines, ice- and fruit wines, foreign wines, premium wines, spirits, champagnes, accessories and glasses, goose liver and caviar.
Palantic Jewellery Collection
Jewellery providing products made of 925? pure sterling silver decorated with Swarovski crystal, onyx stone and enamelling. All products handed over with certificate. Online shopping also possible. 1015 Budapest, Hajadon utca 2.
Csokoladia Ltd.
Chocolate manufacture in Buda offering table chocolate, bon-bons, truffles, sets and gifts. Open Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:00. 1114 Budapest, Konyves Gyorgy utca 5.
Frey Wille
Jewellery art from Vienna sold exclusively in their own shop, whereof 3 are located in Budapest. Main focus on jewellery, accessories, mens collection, writing instruments and watches.
chocoMe Kft.
Online shopping of chocolate with the option to design your own chocolate composition. 1135 Budapest, Kisgomb utca 23.
Multiflora Plc.
Familiy business providing flowers and plant for interior and exterior design, wedding and events occasions, preparation of flower baskets, bouquets. Courier service available. 1024 Budapest, Feny utca Shopping Centre - 2nd floor
Golderado Ltd.
Trading and purchasing of physical gold in the form of ingots, bars and coins. Open Monday to Thurday from 9:00-18.00, Friday from 8:00-13:00. 1089 Budapest, Blathy Otto u 28.
Oazis Nagybani Kerteszeti Ltd.
Network of garden shops. Also offering gifts, garden design, garden building and wintering services for customers. For companies ornamental plant decoration, office decorating and nursering of plants. 1101 Budapest, Kobanyai u. 47. sz.
Cigar Tower
Shop located in the Kempinski Hotel in downtown of Budapest. Product assortment: cigars, pipes, selected spirits, accessories, smoking corner. Open every day from 10:00-19:00. 1012 Budapest, Erzsebet Ter 7-8
Smaragd Szivarvany Ltd.
Treding and repairing and jewellery. Buying of silver and gold. Wedding rings on stock. Watch brand. Pulsar, CASIO, Seiko, Lorus, Q&Q, Go and Fossil. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00-19:00, Saturday from 8:00-14:00. 1078 Budapest, Thokoly ut 2.
Arbor Ltd.
Company offering flowers, plant and garden accessories within 7 locations in Budapest. Also providing landscape design, consultation and home delivery. Open every day from 8:00-18:00. 1112 Budapest, Kamaraerdei ut 12.
Sum Es Tarsa Ltd.
Company providing cut flowers, trees and other plants. Web shopping possibility and house delivery. Garden landscape services also available. 2310 Szigetszentmiklos, Leshegy Ipari Park Kantor u 3.
Sigomonta Ltd.
Sigomonta Jewellers is a group of Franco-Hungarian master Jewellers and designers. Main markets are France, Japan, Monaco, USA and Italy. 1089 Budapest, Elnok utca 1.
Titina Ltd.
Landscape gardening and architecture of parks, residential area, houses and villas. 1025 Budapest, Csejtei utca 15-19. E. ep. II. em. 5.
Tobacco-shop network with 40 shops all over the country. Web based shopping also possible. 1089 Budapest, Koranyi S. u. 3/b.
Growing plants of nursery garden on 12000m2 property. Offering: ornament trees, evergreens, bushes, perennials, fruit trees, mediterrian and exotic plants, garden accessories, chemical fertilizers, soil mixes. 2730 Albertirsa, Bicskei ut 5.
Hungaroplant Ltd.
Whole-sale and retail of plants and flowers on 25000m2 shoparea. Accessories and special plants, such as bonsai trees, cutted plants, Everris/Scotts products also available. 1194 Budapest, Meta u. 31
Gravir & Ag Ltd.
All types of etch work, laser etch work, labelling and preparation of stamps. Also available: braille labels, acid milling, digital printing. Open Monday to Thursday from 9:00-17:00, Friday from 9:00-15:00. 1117 Budapest, Hunyadi Janos ut 3.
Florist with product assortment of flower boquets, cut flowers, potted plants, table decoration and flowers for special occasions. Online ordring and home deliveries. 1108 Budapest, Maglodi ut 117.
Qperator Ltd.
Trade of alcoholic drinks and chocolates. Also web shopping available. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 177.
Szent Korona Cellar
Wines and spirits produced from own cellar. 1222 Budapest, Haros u. 2-6.