Hungarian Lessons & Language Schools

Novoschool Ltd.
Language school offering certified services for individual and corporate clients. Courses are held 2x2 hours per week or according to individual needs. Own books and materials. 1091 Budapest, Ulloi ut 63.
Company offering Hungarian crash courses to promote better understanding of Hungarian culture. Also practical treats such as lunch and class, flea market, history, art. 1084 Budapest, Rakoczi ter 10.
Language professionals providing training in English for teachers and activities for children in English language. 2100 Godollo, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 12. I. em. 5.
Impact Language Solutions Ltd.
Company offering services in terms of translations, proofreading, copywriting, interprating, DTP and language trainings. 1132 Budapest, Visegradi utca 9.
Learn Hungarian Now
Want to learn Hungarian? Well help you find an experienced private teacher so you can start taking lessons in Budapest or on Skype right away.
ILC International Language Centers
School offering language courses including Hungarian for individual and corporate clients, but also for children. Private and pair, group and semester program. Also special and intensive courses. 1011 Budapest, Markovits Ivan utca 4. I. em. 5.
Anglaw Budapest
Budapests first language school for lawyers, dedicated to teaching professional and legal English.
Berlitz Hungary Ltd.
School providing Hungarian and other languages using own methodology. Courses can be held individually, in groups, corporate lessons and virtual lessons. Also for children and teens. Translation services also offered. 1052 Budapest, Vaci utca 11/b.
Magna Language School
Language school specialised in corporate language courses. Also translation services of documents. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00. 1015 Budapest, Csalogany utca 12.
English Learning Centre
School specialised in educating children to speak English language. Also students make use of the courses provided to pass language exam at university or high school.Locations at IBS building 1021 Budapest, Tarogato ut 2-4 and 1124 Budapest, Furj u. 2.
Ulysses Hungarian Language School
Language school teaching Hungarian to different levels and with different group sizes as well as teaching in private one-to-one settings. 1111 Budapest, Bertalan Lajos u. 17.
Danubius Ltd.
School providing language courses for individual and corporate clients, but also for children. Also translation and interpretation. Open Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00. 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 7.
Oxford Language Centre
Language school providing general or business language classes at any level. Lessons can take place at the language school or on-site in small groups or one-to-one teaching. Also translation services. 1125 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 10.
European Language Studio
School offering individual tuition and company courses in Hungarian and other languages. Also available sightseeing, excursions, special interest activities, social and cultural events, translation and interpretation. 1033 Budapest, Tavasz utca 2.
Corporate Communications Plc.
Business Language and Training Company operating in-company, in small classes (generally no more than 6 people in one class), or one-to-one. 1056 Budapest, Váci utca 67.
Babilon Language School
Language school located in Budapest downtown offering communicative language courses from beginner to proficiency level in Hungarian. Small groups of 6-9 and mini groups of 3-4 guarantee language development. 1075 Budapest, Karoly korut 3/A.
Katedra Ltd.
School providing Hungarian and other language classes. Courses can be held individually, in groups, corporate lessons and virtual lessons. Also for children and teens. Translation services also offered. 1061 Budapest, Anker koz 1-3. fel
Alma Mater Hungary
Language school providing classes for mainly corporate clients, working in groups. Individual classes on demand. 1036 Budapest, Bokor utca 15.
Atalanta Education Ltd.
School providing language courses and other professional courses for individual and corporate clients in Budapest downtown. 1083 Budapest, Jazmin u 10.
Educomm Plc.
Company providing translation and interpretation services, proofreading and equipemnt for interpretation. Also online language teaching. 2100 Godollo, Damjanich u 30.
Penna-Europa Ltd.
Company providing services in translation of individual and professional documents. Specialist available in the areas of law, finance, telecom, IT, marketing and more. Also interpretation services and language courses. 1078 Budapest, Istvan u 5.
Concord Language School
Language school located in Buda offering basic and professional language courses in groups or individual base. Also available translation and interpretation. 1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri ut 70/c.
Tudomany Nyelviskola Ltd.
Company providing language lessons in various languages. 1033 Budapest, Tavasz u. 3.
International House
Language school offering Hungarian courses for adults, such as special courses for levelb2 or above, business Hungarian course, special projects and intensive courses. 1012 Budapest, Vermezo ut 4.
Pitman Training Courses
Independent training provider for trainings in secretarial, Microsoft Office, keyboard skills, management training, self and career development, book-keeping and accounting and language courses. 1033 Budapest, Tavasz u. 3.
Kopernikus Ltd.
Company specialised in business trainings and courses in the fields of finance, purchasing, IT, management, customer services and language lessons. 1051 Budapest, Oktober 6 utca 7.
Learn English Budapest
We match you with experienced native English teachers in Budapest. In 1-on-1 private lessons theyll help you improve your English and reach your goals.
Ruander Oktatasi Ltd.
Company providing wide scale of training and postgraduate courses. 1139 Budapest, Frangepan utca 3.