Hungary Web Portals

Hungarian Government
Official website of the Hungarian government providing information about the government, ministries, news and documents.
Website providing essential information for tourists abut Hungary, including sights worth to see, programmes and events. 1115 Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 105-113.
Online financial journal providing information about economy, FX and fixed income, property, tax, energy and companies. 1033 Budapest, Polgar u. 8.
Compalmanach Kiadoi Ltd.
Website collection of travel and tourist companies and individuals country-wide. Assortment: accommodation, sightseeing, wellness and spa, travel service, business travel, programmes. 1011 Budapest, Szilagyi Dezso ter 7. 3. em. 12.
Municipality of Budapest
Official website of the Budapest municipality providing information about events, projects, public services and others. 1052 Budapest, Varoshaz utca 9-11.
Budapest Panorama
Cultural oriented website providing information and tips in the areas of music events, theatre and dance, exhibitions, life-style, baths, sightseeing tips, practical information, wining and dining.
Budapest Tourism
Website providing enhance information about Budapest, its history and culture and sight worth to see. 1052 Budapest, Suto u. 2.