IT, Security & Network Installations

Omerta 07 Ltd.
Private investigation company offers services for corporate and individual clients in investigation, security, personal protection, event protection and more. 2440 Szazhalombatta, Szent Istvan ter 1-3
Iqsoft-John Bryce Ltd.
Company providing trainings in IT, such as Microsoft Official Courses, Desktop Application Courses , Power User Courses (Visual Basic and Macro programming), SuSE Linux, Programming Languages and Methodologies and more. 1135 Budapest, Csata u. 8.
High Tech Solutions Ltd.
Consulting company providing business (accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, counselling) and IT solutions (creative infrastructure, system maintenance, system development, software and system testing). 1034 Budapest, Szolo utca 8.
Ludman Tamas
Computer engineer offering services in terms of computer and peripheral equipment repair, custom software development, system management, maintenance consulting, computer programming, web programming and more. 1161 Budapest, Palya utca 36.
Access Group Ltd.
Service provider for alarm systems, access control, analog and IP CCTV, IT-networks and other low-voltage systems. Available certification and authorisation for planning and installing of security systems. 1158 Budapest, Orjarat u. 43/A.
Ab Plusz Plc.
Company providing web-design, web hosting, IT supervision and maintenance. Domain registration for extensions of *.hu, *.eu, *.com, *.net, *.org, *.us, *.de and others. 1118 Budapest, Csurgoi ut 28. D. ep. 2. lhaz. 1. em. 9.
Mentor Artis Ltd.
Designing and development of websites from consultancy to final implementation and maintenance. Also system administrator works, webhosting, security system installation and accountancy services. 1081 Budapest, Nepszinhaz utca 17.
Morphologic Lokalizacio Ltd.
Company located in the castle district offering services in terms of translation, software localisation. Also SAP language consultancy, translations, technical support and project management. 1012 Budapest, Logodi utca 54.
Fast Lane Hungary c/o HUMANsoft Ltd.
Company providing trainings in professional IT application, such as CISCO, NetApp, HP ProCurve and others. 1072 Budapest, Rakoczi ut 42.
A. T. S. 2003 Inc
Providing services in the fields of personal security, building construction, property safety, house-keeping services, development and installation of security systems. 1154 Budapest, Bogancs utca 6-8.
Aam Tanacsado Inc.
Independent Hungarian consultancy firm offering services in business and IT consultancy, risk management and technological IT solutions. 1133 Budapest, Vaci ut 76.
7 + Ltd.
Equipment engineering, development and installation of IT communication networks. 1118 Budapest, Homorod utca 17.
Royal Irodatechnika Ltd.
Company specialised in implementation and maintaining of office equipment and information systems. Also supply of office utilities, such as papers, toners and other. 1108 Budapest, Gyomroi ut 140.
Civil Security Service Inc.
Company offering counselling services, live-force security, security engineering, vehicle telemonitoring, object telemonitoring. 1149 Budapest, Angol utca 77.