Opticians, Glasses & Contact Lenses

Anna Optic
Network of optician salons providing eye and vision examination, frames, contact lenses, eyeglass and frame repair. Shops at 1136 Budapest, Pannonia u. 48.; 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi ut 1. and 1075 Budapest Wesselenyi u. 2.
Csillagvar Optic
Optician in Buda offering eye and sight examinations, contact lens fittings, preparation, repair and adjustment of spectacles, replacement of decorative semi precious stones, ultrasound lens cleaning, accessories. 1039 Budapest, Rákóczi u. 36.
Novak Optika Plc.
Optician providing 3D eye examination, glasses, lens, frames and accessories. Also 4D multifocus glasses. 1075 Budapest, Karoly krt. 3/a.
Haller Optic
Optician providing computerized vision test, eye specialist services, preparation and correction of glasses, contact lens examination, glaucoma (IOP) measurement, color vision test. 1096 Budapest, Haller utca 23-25.
Diramerjan Optic
Optician with 2 store located in the 11th district providing contact lenses, glasses, eye examination, repair of frames and accessories. 1114 Budapest Bercsenyi utca 1. and Fehervari ut 12.
Vision Express Hungary
Network of opticians within the Vision express franchising system. Main products are glasses and lenses, frames, eye examinations.
Nador Optic
Optician providing services in eye examination, preparation of glasses and contact lenses, frames, reparation of frames. 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 24.
Arato Optic
Optician providing computerized eye examinations, contact lenses and cleaning utilities, consultation, preparation and repairing of glasses, sunglasses, ultrasound cleanings, accessories. 1149 Budapest, Nagy Lajos Kiraly u. 212-214.
Etele Optic
Optician providing eye examination, color blindness treatments, contactology, special lenses, consultation, glasses and frames. 1119 Budapest, Etele ut 67.
Contact Lens Center
Optician in downtown provides contact lenses, eye examination, frames and glasses, fluids and special contact lenses. 1136 Budapest, Hegedus Gyula u. 5.
Optician providing vision test using dynamic 3D measurement technology, multi-focal lenses with Eyecode-song, IOP measurement, contact lenses, preparation of eyeglasses, frame repair, custom lenses. 1052 Budapest, Petofi Sandor u. 7.
Orange Optika Ltd.
Company providing eye examination objective (with computer) subjective (traditional), contact lenses fitting. Other service: bolt and temples exchange, soldering, wiring, polishing, adjusting, UV filtering check. 1061 Budapest, Kiraly utca 38.
Downtown Optic
Optician close to downtown provides contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, children frames, eye examination for both adults and children, special glasses. 1137 Budapest, Radnoti Miklos u. 4-6.
Laczo Optic
Optician providing preparation of glasses, contact lens, eye examination, frames, repairing of frames. 1056 Budapest, Terez korut 56.
Lens Optic
Optician providing services in preparation of glasses, contact lenses, frames, eye examination. 1191 Budapest Ülloi út 201.
Sauflon Hungary Ltd.
Hungarian subsidiary of Sauflon, a global manufacturer and distributor of contact lenses and aftercare products. Hungarian-wide partner network. 1015 Budapest, Donati u. 1. fszt.2
Cylinder Optic
Optician located in downtown providing services in eye and vision examination, preparation of glasses and contact lenses. 1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 58.
Trioptria Ltd.
Company providing ophthalmological and optician services for adults and children. Distribution of glasses, lens, frames and accessories. Open Monday to Friday from 0:00-18:00, Saturday from 1:00-13:00. 1092 Budapest, Ferenc korut 42.
Csalogany Optician
Optician located in the 2nd district of Budapest providing, frames,lenses, contact lenses, eye examination, special glasses and sport glasses. 1027 Budapest , Fo utca 62-64.
Smaragd Optika Ltd.
Company providing optical frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories. Also repair of old glasses, preparation of new glasses. Special glasses for working on computers! 1138 Budapest, Nepfurdo utca 22.
Naphegy Optic
Optician providing services in childrens ophthalmology, specialist visual inspection, optometry, preparation and repair of glasses, contact lenses. 1016 Budapest Tigris utca 28.
F-O Optika-foto Ltd.
Hungarian network of optician shops, country-wide coverage. Providing eye diagnostic, glasses and lenses, frames and accessories. 1126 Budapest, Nagy Jeno u. 12.
Csavas Optic
Optician located in the castle district providing preparation and repair of spectacles, medical eye checkup, sunglasses, computer and work glasses, contact lenses, accessories, 3D glasses. Also photo development. 1013 Budapest, Attila ut 6.
Optician located in the 11th district providing computerised eye and vision examination (adult and child), contact lenses, shooting glasses, eyeglass repair, frame welding, shaft replacement and wide assortment of frames. 1118 Budapest, Retkoz u. 49.
Dr. Soproni Anna Maria
Ophthalmologist specialised on the disorders of the eye movement. Consulting hours Monday from 10:00 to 16:00, Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00-19:00. 1145 Budapest, Rona u. 205 /A-IV/2.
Atex Optic
Family owned optician providing services in preparation of glasses, repairing of glasses and frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, drivers glasses. Free eye and vision inspection. 1024 Budapest, Lovohaz u. 33.
Polgar Optika
Company providing eye examination, contact lens test and training, glasses, frames, UV test, contact lenses of various types. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-17:00, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-18:00. 1027 Budapest, Berzsenyi u. 2 /B