Photographers & Digital Video Production

Filmservice Ltd.
company providing all genres of moving picture production, from feature- and TV-films, through television series, TV-shows, commercials and documentaries to web contents. 1024 Budapest, Nyul utca 1. fszt. 1.
Hungarian Foundation of Photography
Hungarian Foundation of Photography organising exhibitions and other events, offering books and studio for rental. 1065 Budapest, Nagymezo utca 20.
VEGEL Photography and Videography
An award-winning photographer and videographer providing professional photography and videography service in Budapest and worldwide with over 20 year's experience.
Mark Umbrella
Digital media producer. Photography and film. Commercial ads. Short films.
Art-Photo Ltd.
Art studio offering photograph services in advertisement, fashion, building, environment, event or individual purposes. Rental possibility of studio and equipment. 1024 Budapest, Szell Kalman ter 10.
Wincom Hungary Ltd.
Award winning photographer offering his services for preparing art photos and capturing wedding events. 1114 Budapest, Kosztolanyi Dezso ter 5.
Ginger and Lime Photography
Photographer specialising in portraits and photoshoots for newborns, maternity, family and children.
Smalls film Ltd.
Production company for production of advertising, but also private videos. 1137 Budapest, Tatra utca 29. a. ep. II. em. 7.
Future Films Ltd.
Production company for film, video and television. Mainly for corporate clients. 1061 Budapest, Szekely Mihaly utca 10. 2. em. 1.
Popfilm Ltd.
Production company based in Budapest and specialising in commercials. Coordination and implementation all aspects of production (pre-production, shooting and post-production) mainly in Budapest. 1024 Budapest, Ezredes u. 11. III. em. 2.
Im Film Ltd.
Company offering film production services for corporate and private clients. 1033 Budapest, Hajogyari sziget 132.
Laboratory 16:9 Ltd.
Film production company offering services from short video clips to huge blockbusters and commercials. 1021 Budapest, Huvosvolgyi ut 94/B.
Moviebar Productions Ltd.
Professional photographer and video production studio for corporate and private clients as well. 1025 Budapest, Also Zoldmali ut 15.
Tokes Tamas Adam
Photographer and graphic artist offering services for corporate and private clients. Picture gallery available online for free (non commercial) download. 3060 Paszto, Kossuth Lajos utca 49.
Titus G. Pandi Ltd.
Photographer offering services for commercial clients and private individuals, such as portfolios for both beginner and professional models, shooting photo albums for private clients. 1026 Budapest, Abranyi Emil utca 5. 1. em. 4.
Muhari Photo Studio
Professional photo studio including services such as hair dressing, make-up, studio rental, and Photoshop designing. 1088 Budapest, Rakoczi u. 25.
PPM Filmproductions Ltd.
Budapest-based film company offering full feature production, location scouting, technical provision and casting. Also fixing services, location assistance, logistical support, facilitation and co-ordination services. 1024 Budapest, Nyul utca 3.
Infinity ArchMedia
Event, conference photography and hospitality photography. Also takes event video assignments and offers image film production, too. 
Csavas Optic
Optician located in the castle district providing preparation and repair of spectacles, medical eye checkup, sunglasses, computer and work glasses, contact lenses, accessories, 3D glasses. Also photo development. 1013 Budapest, Attila ut 6.
Laokoon Film Arts Ltd.
Company producing films for commercial and private purpose. Several studios in Budapest. 1136 Budapest, Balzac utca 37. 1. em. 2.
Lime Fotoprodukcio Ltd.
Photographer providing portre, art, fashion and advertising photographs. 2030 Erd, Arvalanyhaj utca 17. B. ep.
Pioneer Productions Ltd.
Company providing coordination and implementation in all aspects of film production in Hungary. Own film studio for own or co-operative productions. 1056 Budapest, Molnar utca 53.
Ancsin Gabor
Photo reporter and art photographer offering services for events, PR or individual occasions. 1023 Budapest, Zsigmond ter 8.1.
L.C. Szolgaltato Plc.
Interpretation, translation and special services, such as translation of company presentation and videos, subtitling, voice-overs in any foreign language. 1026 Budapest, Rugy u. 12.
Oliver Sin
We are creative freelancers photographers and videographers from Hungary. is available for consultations and bookings in Budapest area. Please email us or call us regarding any questions you may have. Best, Mirjana & Oliver
Tomeo Plc.
Company providing photograph services for corporate and individual clients, weddings and events, kids, trips and other occasions. 2092 Budakeszi, Reviczky utca 76.
Millok Es Tarsa Plc.
Photographer offering services for business (business portrait, event photography, PR photo, conference photos) and private (portraits, wedding photo, family photo, school photo) purpose. 1163 Budapest, Thorma J utca 8.