Roofers & Roofing Contractors

Prefa Hungaria Ltd.
Company producing roofing systems, facade covering, gutter systems, flood protection and solar cells. Also consulting services and country-wide network of resellers. 2040 Budaors, Gyar utca 2.
Konyvesi Es Tarsa Ltd.
Company providing tinsmith works, roofing and carpenter works, drywall constructions, isolation of flat roofs, light construction buildings, build-in of Velux roof windows. 2162 Orbottyan, Rakoczi F. ut 126.
Korosacel Ltd.
Company providing tinsmith works, roof isolation, carpenter works and mansard constructions. Execution in both, modern and antique style, project plan development, no material limitations. 2375 Tatarszentgyorgy, Kossuth L utca 50.
Roof-Revolution Ltd.
Company providing roofing (complete installation and repair), doors and windows (aluminium and plastic) and tinsmith work. 2194 Tura, Magdolna utca 23.