Sailing & Boats

Hagonext Ltd.
Sales and service workshop for yachts and boats. Also broker activity for used boats. Open: Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:30. 2310 Szigetszentmiklos, Banki Donat utca 5.
Csonak Epito Ltd.
Constructing, maintaining and repairing of boats. Accessories also available. 1183 Budapest, Gyomroi ut 91.
Maritime Ltd.
Offering boats, yachts and other water vehicles. Also available: accessories, clothing, equipment, tools. Web shop available. Open Monday to Friday from 9.00-17:00, Thursday from 9:00-18:00, Saturday from 9:00-13:00. 2011 Budakalasz, Matyas kiraly u. 9.
JoHajo Budapest
Offering sailing boats and accessories, tools and equipment. Online shopping available. 1113 Budapest, Karolina ut 17.
Hi-Tech Plast Ltd.
Catamaran, lightweight motorboats, kayaks, canoes and fishing boats made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. Also design work, development, customised production. 2097 Pilisborosjeno, Gardonyi u 6.