Toys, Games & Hobbies

Regio Ltd.
Network of toy shops with country-wide coverage. Also online shopping possibility and house deliveries. 1119 Budapest, Nandorfejervari u. 23-25.
Budapest Keramia Ltd.
Company providing distribution and retail of ceramics raw materials, auxiliary materials, instruments and equipment for hobbyists, professionals and manufacturers as well. 1194 Budapest, Fadrusz u. 2.
Hangszerkészíto népi iparmuvész
Luthier of traditional folklore instruments. Various types of flutes, drums and other handmade instruments using only natural materials. 1213 Budapest, Mogyoros utca 7.
Hammy Toys Plc.
Shop for toys and games. Also whole trade activity. 2011 Budakalasz, Sport utca 1.
Folkart Handcraft House
Shop offering a wide variety of folklore handicraft products including black pottery, wood and bone carvings, finely detailed needlework, traditional embroidery as well as Easter eggs, dolls and clothes. 1052 Budapest Regiposta utca 12.
Rose Ltd.
Manufacturing and trading company for musical instruments. Repairs of woodwind instruments, bows for violins, violas, cellos, and double bass. Club Rose with exclusive events. On-line web shop. 1065 Budapest, Hajos u. 9.
Segovia Classical Guitarshop
Specialised to classical guitars, main guitars are from Spain and Czech Republic. Distributor of Ramirez and Raimundo guitars, AER acoustic amplifiers. Open Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:00. 1067 Budapest, Eotvos u. 33.
Babycare International Ltd.
Online shop offering baby clothes, equipment, accessories, toys, furniture and more.
Gulliver Ltd.
Retail and whole sale network of toy shops with 5 shops in Budapest. Also online shopping and house deliveries. Exclusivity for several well known toy brands. 1044 Budapest, Ezred utca 1-3.
Botz-Takt Ltd.
Online shop for wind instruments, pianos, string instruments and harps. Accessories and gifts also available. Customer service over phone or with appointment. 1162 Budapest, Felcsuti utca 75/A
Cotton Poker Club
Poker club with interior design reflecting the style of the 20s and 30s offering competition and cash poker events, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple, Card Draw and many other. 1066 Budapest, Jokai u. 26.
Accord-Music Ltd.
Shop for music instruments. New and used stringed instruments and plucked string instruments. Basic woodwind instruments and accessories also available. 1074 Budapest, Dohany utca 86.
Gem Klub Ltd.
Network of shops for toys and games. Also online ordering possibility. 1092 Budapest, Raday utca 30. B.
Kincsem Nemzeti Ltd.
Hungarian horse-race company responsible for organising races and administration of bets. Located in the 10th district of Budapest, easy to reach by public transportation. Racing calendar available on web-site. 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai ut 2-4.
Babycare International Ltd.
Shop for baby clothes, equipment, furniture and accessories. Also online purchasing possibility. 1113 Budapest, Daroci ut 1-3.
Porcelain Dolls
Shop of hand made Hungarian folklore porcelain dolls representing various local styles. Also available online. 2016 Leányfalu, Mátyás Király u. 17.
Figaro Wizard Shop
Shop with a history of over 40 years specialised in accessories and equipment for wizards, from age 5-6 and upwards. 1114 Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 31.