Translators & Interpreters

Beneford Ltd.
Company offering corporate events, corporate family days, corporate sports events, corporate trainings and translations, interpretations. 1121 Budapest, Tegzes u 6.
Lector - Translation Agency
Professional business translation, general translation, specialist translation and interpreting more than on 40 languages with 200 translators and online administration. Get an immediate offer now. 1025 Budapest, Csatarka street 82-84.
Company providing translation and proofreading services specialised to science, business and official documents. 1125 Budapest, Tusnadi u. 41.
Magna Language School
Language school specialised in corporate language courses. Also translation services of documents. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00. 1015 Budapest, Csalogany utca 12.
Creative Translations
Professional Copywriting, Ideas Central, Corporate Training, Language and Translation Services.
Turris Babel Fordito, Lektoralo, Tolmacs Es Nyelvoktatasi Lt...
Company located in downtown Budapest providing translation, proofreading and interrelating services. Also language courses, transcription, desktop publishing, voiceover and subtitling and terminology management. 1054 Budapest, Tukory utca 3.
European Language Studio
School offering individual tuition and company courses in Hungarian and other languages. Also available sightseeing, excursions, special interest activities, social and cultural events, translation and interpretation. 1033 Budapest, Tavasz utca 2.
Afford Ltd.
Conventional translations, official translations and interpretation. Specialist areas: marketing, business management, finance, law, IT, engineering and health-care. 1053 Budapest, Veres Palne utca 14.
Educomm Plc.
Company providing translation and interpretation services, proofreading and equipemnt for interpretation. Also online language teaching. 2100 Godollo, Damjanich u 30.
Morphologic Lokalizacio Ltd.
Company located in the castle district offering services in terms of translation, software localisation. Also SAP language consultancy, translations, technical support and project management. 1012 Budapest, Logodi utca 54.
Corpus Communications Ltd.
Company providing services related to public relations, marketing communications, web development, communication plans, media plan and book, corporate identity and consultancy. Also available translation services. 1025 Budapest, Csatarka ut 82-84.
Alfa-Glossza Fordító iroda
Translation company offers professional translation within short time specialised in the fields of law, engineering, and financial. Also translation of official documents, such as certificates. 1146 Budapest, Thokoly ut 58-60.
E-Word Plc.
Company offering translation services including specialized translations, proofreading projects and software localization for the medical, legal, technical, and economic areas. 1028 Budapest, Vizeses utca 10.
Ils Nemzetkozi Fordito Ltd.
Company providing translation services, reparation of glossaries, terminology analysis and maintenance, translation style guide, interpretation and desktop publishing services. 1114 Budapest, Moricz Zsigmond korter 3/A.
Business Team Translations Ltd.
Translation and interpretation services specialised in the areas of technical documents, medical and legal translation, website translations and official translation. 1034 Budapest, Szolo u. 30.
Enviroclean Hungary Ltd.
Translator office offering services for private and corporate customers. 1102 Budapest, Szent Laszlo ter 20. IV. em. 409-410.
L.C. Szolgaltato Plc.
Interpretation, translation and special services, such as translation of company presentation and videos, subtitling, voice-overs in any foreign language. 1026 Budapest, Rugy u. 12.
Cielito Lindo Ltd.
Company providing translation services specialised in the field of governmental, legal, financial science and culture affairs. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 159.
Oxford Language Centre
Language school providing general or business language classes at any level. Lessons can take place at the language school or on-site in small groups or one-to-one teaching. Also translation services. 1125 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 10.
English In Budapest
Providing native English Speakers for you or your business. Services include: Translations, Editing, Content Writing, Voice Recordings, Presentations and Representation. 
Benedictum Ltd.
Translationof legal documents from and to English, Spain, German, French and Hungarian language. 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jeno utca 38.
Consell Pannonia Ltd.
Translation and interpretation company specialised in the translation of engineering, medical, IT, marketing and telecommunications related documentation, and in the localization of software and web sites. 1073 Budapest, Erzsebet krt 23. 4. em. 19.
All Hungary Media Group
Hungarian foreign language media network operating website with content of Hungary in general, Budapest, politics and real estate. Also offering translation services.
Linguarium Ltd.
Translation services from and to all European languages. Specialised in general translations, web site translations, business affairs, official translations. On demand editorial services. 1056 Budapest, Vaci utca 46.
Intercontact Budapest Ltd.
Translation, proofreading and interpretation services. Also official translation, DTP, localisation and more. 1054 Budapest, Hold u 15.
Euroscript Magyarorszag Ltd.
Company providing translation services, content and document management, technical content management, digital communication management, plant documentation management, consulting and system integration. 1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 12.
TRM kft
Translating and interpretation company provides services for both corporate and private customers. Also certified translation of official documents. 1015 Budapest, Hattyu u. 14.
Multi-Lingua Ltd.
Company providing translation, proofreading and interpretation services with more than 30 years of experience. 1011 Budapest, Bem rakpart 26.
Tranzpress Ltd.
Translation services such as business translations, technical translations, automotive translations, transcreation and multimedia localisation. 1022 Budapest, Detreko utca 12. III. em.
Katedra Ltd.
School providing Hungarian and other language classes. Courses can be held individually, in groups, corporate lessons and virtual lessons. Also for children and teens. Translation services also offered. 1061 Budapest, Anker koz 1-3. fel
Suprex Ltd.
Company providing translation and inerpretation services, translation and professional proofreading. Also avalable audio equipemnt for interpretation services. 1126 Budapest, Boszormenyi ut 3/c.
BPAnim Holding Ltd.
Planning, consultancy and execution on graphical designs, including animations and video productions. 1026 Budapest, Gabor Aron u. 24.
Emerald Ltd.
Company providing localization and translation services in the IT sector, which requires special technical and linguistic skills. 1116 Budapest, Fehervari ut 130.
Bonevent Ltd.
Company providing translation services, event organising, graphic design, printed material publication, decoration, catering, marketing services and more. 1119 Budapest, Fejer Lipot utca 65. 11. em. 88.
Forduna Ltd.
Translation office providing technical translation, proof-reading, interpretation. Also available editing works and interpretation equipment, assistant. 1113 Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 86. fszt. 6-7.
Helpers Hungary Ltd.
Oldest immigration company in Budapest assisting with residency, student visa, ID, driving license, business immigration to Europe and Hungary, and Hungarian investment immigration program - best Golden Visa in Europe. 1094 Budapest, Tompa u. 9.
P Es V Ltd.
Company offering translation and interpreting services in fields such as law, banking, trade, agriculture, politics, EU integration, culture, social sciences, and technology. 1011 Budapest, Hunyadi Janos ut 22.
Tabula Translation Agency
Certified document translations, specialized translations and website translations in Hungary. More than 52 languages, more than 325 expert translators worldwide. 
Ssb-Solution Plc.
Translation company providing services in all central european languages specialised in the areas of IT, telecommunication, e-commerce, engineering, marketing, finance, industry, health-care, geography. 1024 Budapest, Ady Endre u. 9/b.
Bilingua Translation Agency Budapest
Bilingua Translation Agency provides translation services in Budapest and other mayor cities of Hungary. Certified translations from English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and other languages to Hungarian or vice versa. Affordable rates, quick turnove...
Penna-Europa Ltd.
Company providing services in translation of individual and professional documents. Specialist available in the areas of law, finance, telecom, IT, marketing and more. Also interpretation services and language courses. 1078 Budapest, Istvan u 5.
Impact Language Solutions Ltd.
Company offering services in terms of translations, proofreading, copywriting, interprating, DTP and language trainings. 1132 Budapest, Visegradi utca 9.
Danubius Ltd.
School providing language courses for individual and corporate clients, but also for children. Also translation and interpretation. Open Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00. 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 7.