Weight Loss, Slimming & Nutrition

Roxan Fitness Club
Fitness centre located close to the parliament providing exercises in body forming, fat burning and body building. Possibility for personal trainer. Also available massage. 1054 Budapest, Akademia utca 11.
BIOrganik Online Ltd.
Online shop for organic food with main categories of: baby/pregnancy, food, food supplementary, cleaning products, publications and equipment. 1097 Budapest, Gubacsi ut 47.
Premier Fitness
Fitness centre in Budapest and country-side operated by the Danubius Group. Online browsing of clubs with detailed description and contact address.
Fitness Vision Hungary Kft
Fitness and wellness centre located at the Corvin promenade offering services in fitness and aerobic classes, spa/wellness, massage and beauty treatments. Open working days from 6:00-22:00, weekends from 8:00-20:00. 1082 Budapest, Futo u. 48-50.
Provider of fitness equipment using Electro Muscle Activation combined with body movements. Suitable for personal training, physiotherapy or rehabilitation. Equipment can be purchased or used in one of the 13 studios in Budapest.
Dynafitt Ltd.
Fitness club in the western suburb area of Budapest. Specialities: Speed Body, massage and infra sauna. On demand dedicated trainer. Open Monday to Friday from 7:00-21:00, Saturday from 8:00-12:00. 2030 Erd, Riminyaki ut 23.
Oxygen Buda Ltd.
Network of health-centers providing sections of fitness, wellness,medical services, restaurant, beauty salon, sports-ground and playground at 3 locations in Budapest. 1139 Budapest, Fay utca 45
Holmes Place Wellness Club
Fitness centre providing classes in indoor cycling, cardio kickboxing, power workout, port de bras, Pilates, yoga and body art. Also opportunity for personal training and swimming. 1075 Budapest, Hollo utca 12-14.
Lite Wellness Club
Fitness studio located in the Mamut shopping mall. Services provides are techno gym machines with TGS technology, advising and consultancy with professional dieticians, physiotherapists, personal trainers and instructors. Also child day-care.
Company distributing bio- and medical products of its own brand. Product range includes products of medicinal preparations and herbs, weight loss, reform bio- and vegetarian food, diabetic, baby cosmetics and more. 1087 Budapest, Szazados u 18.