Wines, Beers & Spirits
Online shopping store offering soft drinks, wines, beers and spirits. Products delivered via shop or delivered to your address.
Bock Bistro
Traditional and gourmet kitchen restaurants located in both Buda and Pest. Selection of finest Hungarian wines.
Garamvari Szolobirtok Vinarium Ltd.
Wine producer with vineyard located in the southern shore of Lake Balaton. Available: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, C. Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Blauburger and traditional Hungarian wine types. 1222 Budapest, Sorhaz u. 20.
Network of shops specialised on drinks and chocolate, but especially on wines. Online shopping possible. Open: Monday to Friday from 10:00-20:00 , Saturday from 10:00-18:00. 1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 91.
Wine Tasting Room/Shop
New modern wine tasting room/shop in the heart of Pest.Only premium wines.You can make your own tasting menu from our tasting machines and quality is guaranteed.Get a sip or spend a whole day with us comparing the top of Hungarian wines in one place.
Varga Ltd.
Winery and cellar with own vineyard in Badacsony. Red and white wines. Online shopping possibility with own dispatch organisation. 1222 Budapest, Nagytetnyi ut 48.
Pastor Pince Ltd.
Wine producer and distributor from own vineyard in Szekszard region. Order possible by phone or email. 1117 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos utca 4.
National Wine Museum
The museum introduces the development of the Hungarian grapes and wine culture outlining the characteristics of the Hungarian wine-growing regions. Also wine tasting occasions and shopping possibility. 2000 Szentendre, Bogdanyi u. 10.
Matheus Palinka
Producer of Hungarian Palinka (spirits). Distribution via its own web shop.
Matias-Boraszat Ltd.
The shop is selling wines produced in own cellar, vineyard in Szekszard. White, red and rose wines. Also available in Alexandra bookstore. 1138 Budapest, Tomori utca 33.
Szent Korona Cellar
Wines and spirits produced from own cellar. 1222 Budapest, Haros u. 2-6.
Producer of Heineken and other branded beers, such as Soproni, Gösser, Edelweiss and Steffl.
Haraszthy Vallejo Cellar
Wines from own vineyard and production from the region of Budapests vineyard - Etyek. Wine-tours, wines courses, wine dinners, events, cooking class, wine-shop, restaurant in summer time. 2091 Etyek, Oreghegy 3108
Qperator Ltd.
Trade of alcoholic drinks and chocolates. Also web shopping available. 1138 Budapest, Vaci ut 177.
DrinkStore Ltd.
Online drink store offering soft drinks, spirits, wines and beers from a product range of several hundred items from Hungarian origin or from abroad. Home delivery with various payment options.
Varga Crystal
Crystal glass artwork for water, wine, vodka and champagne. Family manufacturing operated by 3rd generation in Budapest downtown. 1063 Budapest, Munkacsi Mihaly utca 23.
Bacchus Wine-Shop
Network of wine shops available in Budapest downtown in 3 locations. Among others, customer can choose from 400 Hungarian wines, ice- and fruit wines, foreign wines, premium wines, spirits, champagnes, accessories and glasses, goose liver and caviar.
Heimann Family Tenancy
Family owned wine manufacturing, with vineyard located in Szekszard. Wine types: Fuxli, Boromissza, Blue-Frankish, Merlot, Viognier, Kadarka, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Franciscus, Barbar, tenancy wine. 1116 Budapest, Barazda utca 40. 3. em. 8.
Cigar Tower
Shop located in the Kempinski Hotel in downtown of Budapest. Product assortment: cigars, pipes, selected spirits, accessories, smoking corner. Open every day from 10:00-19:00. 1012 Budapest, Erzsebet Ter 7-8
Euro-Market Ltd.
Importer and distributor of Italian quality wines. Over 350 different vines in air-conditioned cellar. 1051 Budaors, Kamaraerdei ut.9/b
Spar Magyarorszag Ltd.
Chain of supermarkets with country-wide coverage. 2060 Bicske, SPAR ut 0326/1.hrsz.