RAKSOM Property Hunter

Looking for property in Hungary? Whether you intend to buy or to rent, RAKSOM can help you to manage this sensitive project. We will show you solutions reflecting your needs and use our local knowledge to achieve the best price possible.

Tired of trudging through viewings of places that are hopelessly wrong for you? We believe that buying or renting a home should be an exciting time when you can trust, confide and be assisted by the agent representing your needs.

At RAKSOM it is our role to make the real estate transaction as pleasurable and stress-free as possible and we will assist you with any aspect of your purchase or rental.

We all are dealing with customers since decades and we believe, that after determining what you really need, want and like,  it will save you from those "If Only" moments, as in "If only this had an extra bedroom" or "If only it was on the ground floor", or „If I only knew, that my neighbour is a locksmith”.


Representing without compromise the interest of our clients - also in price matters. At RAKSOM we strongly believe, that listening to our customers needs and demands are the basics of our services. Beside existing properties in our database we also use our network, available sources and keep eyes open to find the best match to your needs, demands and personality.


Whether you’re looking for housing solution in Budapest, or in the country-side: you can rely on RAKSOM. We have also no limitation on house size, purchase or rental value or house type.  

Every customer is important for us: regardless if you’re purchasing or renting, your gender or age, or the purchase or rental value. We will deliver to everyone care and professionalism according our best knowledge.

   Our services in a nutshell:

  • Reviewing your list of wants and needs and helps you to determine your price range.
  • Answering questions about the markets you’re interested in and helps you compare homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Previewing properties to ensure you’re only shown homes that meet your needs and budget.
  • Make appointments and walk you through potential homes, answering all your questions.
  • Negotiate with the seller, smooth out any potential conflicts


You are our client and as such it is our mission to protect your interest in the house finding process.

Our basis commission (1-1.5%) is related to the initial price of the property. Our success commission is related to the difference of the initial price and the final purchase price (bargained amount). With this approach we are clearly motivated to a.) offer you a property you like and b.) deduct the price to the lowest level possible. See also our commission calculation sample on our webpage.


  • Knowledge about the Hungarian market and business processes
  • We are motivated to protect your interest, also in terms of price-negotiation
  • Save time: you avoid making fruitless and expensive viewing trips
  • Save money: our knowledge and experience of the property market enables us to negotiate a proper market price for your property. Beside this our commission system motivates us to achieve the lowest price possible