Budapest Summer Festival

from Apr 2nd 2020


Budapest Summer Festival

   This festival includes Open-air theater performances, musicals, dance shows, kids’ programs and several concerts are held every summer (June-July-August) during the Budapest Summer Festival. Programs are offered at two locations, on Margaret Island and in Városmajor. The Margaret Island Open-air Stage, located in the shadow of the historic Art Nouveau water tower, is the only permanent open-air stage in Hungary and can accommodate approximately 3000 people.
the Budapest Summer Festival also offers a concert series in the historic water tower, adjacent to the Margaret Island Open-air Stage. Following are some great water tower programs:
Jazzy Tower Concert Series
Nikoletta Szőke Quartet 
Orsi Kozma Quartet 
Bolyki Brothers 
Swing and Chanson .

Explore and enjoy with your loved ones!!