Falk Art Forum

from May 5th 2020 to May 5th 2020


Falk Art Forum

    Falk Art Forum, the Antique and Modern Art Festival is held semi-annually on Falk Miksa Street, the antique row of Budapest. The street is turned into a pedestrian precinct during this lively event. Organized by more than 50 local galleries, Falk Art Forum features special exhibitions, stage performances and culinary delicacies. Many of the local shops and galleries will extend their opening hours. The art festival showcases paintings, jewelry and furniture and experts and gallery owners will be on hand to answer questions. It’s a great place to find hidden treasures.
If you are interested in modern art check out Missionart, Prestige, B55, Haas, Biksády and BumBum. If antiquities are your thing visit Anni Domini, Moró, Wladis and Dénes Gallery.

Festival hours:
2 pm to 10 pm
The festival is free and offers plenty of entertainment, including live music and kids programs.