Architects & Surveyors

Garwin Farrenarchitect
International architecture studio. Master planning and house design. Esmeralda 634, 7th floor A, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Residential and business contemporary style architecture. Interior design. Libertador 12953, ground floor B, Martinez (North).
Diaz Lima & Asociados
Architecture, construction, investments, consulting, developers. Nicolas Repetto 4270, B1636CTX Olivos. (North)
Eiroa Architects
Licensed architecture studio dually based in New York City and Buenos Aires. Development projects in South America, USA and Europe. Ayacucho 1345, 1111 Buenos Aires City
Salaya Blizniuk
Architects. Houses, interiors, details. General Paunero 1289, Acassuso. (North)
Claria & Claria
Architecture studio. Advice, residential homes, retail and offices. Construction work management and administration. Interior design. Landscaping.
ocho66 arquitectura
Architecture studio. Design, management and construction of small and medium scale projects. Single and multi-family residences, offices, retail, public buildings. International projects. Sarmiento 212, 3rd floor A, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Grupo Monarca
Real estate development. Market analysis,tendencies and risks, business plans and investments, land acquisition, investor groups, trust funds, marketing, building company. Dardo Rocha 2044, Martinez (North).
Vanguarda Architects
Technical, legal and real estate consultancy. Project design and budget. Management and administration of construction work. Homes and businesses. Tres Arroyos 329, Parque Industrial La Cantabrica, Haedo. (West)
Fernandez Borda
Architecture studio. Advice. Project, management and administration of construction works. Houses, buildings, businesses and stores. Real estate developments and businesses.Office Park, office 219, Panamericana Pilar km 42,5, 1669 Del Viso. (North)
Pablo Schaer
Architect with over 25 years of professional experience carrying out a variety of projects and management services. Dardo Rocha 1318, 1st floor, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Estudio Leal Arquitectos
Architect Fernando Leal develops architecture projects, interior design and construction management, as well as investment analysis. Remedios Escalada de San Martin 2749, Tower I, 14th Floor, Ap 2, Buenos Aires City.
Leticia Firpo
Properties (sale, rent, temporary rent), appraisals, architecture. Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00, 14:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00. Chile 473, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Naco Architectures
Architecture, design and communication studio, also in Paris and Shanghai. Soler 5132, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Militello Ravenna Arquitectura
Architects. Martin Fierro 449, Wilde. (South)
Dieguez Fridman
Tristan Dieguez and Axel Fridman graduated in the University of Buenos Aires, worked in USA and returned to Argentina in 2000 and started their studio. Alvarez Thomas 198, 1427 Buenos Aires City
Lone Lighthouse
Argentine-Danish firm providing real estate and architecture services. Investment opportunities, asset administration, legal, accounting and fnancial assistance, maintenance. Pacheco de Melo 2065, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Estudio Darre
Surveying firm. Cartographic documents. Hydrographic division (terrace construction, erosion control, water capturing dams), materials testing, open air beds. Sarmiento 643, 4th floor, office 415, Buenos Aires City
SMH Arquitectura
Architecture studio. Zabala 3268, Buenos Aires City