Bars: Buenos Aires City

Bar, live shows, drinks, meetings, art, courses, music, videos. Bacacay 1715, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
Sitio Plasma
Beer and music shows, recording studio and rehearsal rooms. Piedras 1856, Barracas, Buenos Aires City.
Cafe de los Angelitos
Traditional 10th century cafe. Historic gallery with over 350 photos. 3 rooms for events. Tango show with dinner. Av. Rivadavia 2100, Balvanera, Buenos Aires City.
Tres 80
Bar, food, drinks, lounge. Happy hour. Av. La Plata 380, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Puerta Uno
Secret bar. Juramento 1667, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Eter Club
Cocktails, finger food and music show. Cuenca 2783, Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires City.
The Cavern Cafe - Colegiales
The Beatle museum resto bar in Colegiales district. Tuesdays to Sundays from 08:00 to 02:00
La Cava Jufre
Wine bar. Wine and cheese tasting. Courses. Events. Jufre 201, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
The Cavern
Beatle theme cafe. Music bands and theater shows. The Cavern Club. Paseo La Plaza, Av. Corrientes 1660, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
La Forja
Cultural bar. Menus, drinks, patisserie. Art exhibitions, concerts. Events. Bacacay 2414, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
Bar Seddon
Notable bar of the city. Defensa 695, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Breakfast, executive lunch, happy hour, supper. Events. Av. Jose Maria Moreno 318, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
El Banderin
Traditional bar founded in 1929. Guardia Vieja 3601, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Producers of Irish craft beer. Manufacturers and rental of tailor made kegs. Rental for events. Heredia 921, Chacarita district, Buenos Aires City
Cafe Crespin
Breakfast, coffee, drinks, milkshakes, brunch, lunch, bakery, specialties. Vera 699, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
After office. Finger food, drinks. Sarmiento 1662, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Cafe San Bernardo
Traditional neighborhood bar. Beer, empanadas and pool with a local feel. Av. Corrientes 5436, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Drinks and food. Homemade beer. Beer making courses. Delivery. Miller 2901, Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires City.
El Naranjo
Bar and restaurant with typical Spanish cuisine and flamenco dancing. La Rioja 412, San Cristobal, Buenos Aires City.
Full City Coffee House
Colombian coffee, teas, natural juices, drinks. Breakfast, hamburgers, salads. Jorge Newbery 3663, Chacarita, Buenos Aires City.
Cossab Bar
Craft brewers offering 6 different beers: Scotch, IPA, Bitter, Black, Pale and Belgium from 15 crafted beers, more than 35 imported beers and snacks. Pedro Ignacio Rivera 4700, Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires City.
Western Disco
Texan style food, dance and disco. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7536, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Tabasco Disco
4 dance floors with state-of-art technology. Corporate and social events. Jose Marti 17, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
Jamming Radio Reggae Bar
Drinks and snacks in a reggae environment. Live Jamming Radio Reggae. Wednesday to Sunday 14:00-04:00, Saturday and Friday open until 06:00. Loyola 788, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Bar de Cao
Traiditional bar founded in 1915. Drinks, finger food, homemade draft lager. Independencia 2400, San Cristobal, Buenos Aires City.