Boat Sales & Yacht Brokers

Pablo Campos Yates
Sale of plastic, metal and wooden sailboats, motorboats, cruise ships. Vergara 856, Vicente Lopez (North).
Campo Embarcaciones
Purchase and sale. Advice. Quotations. Sailboats, cruise ships.
Gustavo Carballal Embarcaciones
Sale of PRFV cruisers, sportcruisers, wooden classics, motorboats.
Licensed oceanographer, Yacht-master, Diving instructor provides nautical services. Brokerage, navigation, diving, oceanography, navigation courses, outings and first aid courses.
Marina Uno Embarcaciones
Sale of motorboats, cruise ship and semi-rigid boats. Av. del Libertador 2940, San Fernando (North).
Grupo Propeller
Representatives of leading boat brands. Sales and techical service. Calle del Arca and Rio Lujan, San Fernando (North).
SB Yates
Sale of boats. Advice. Repairs. Av. del Libertador 2283, San Fernando (North).
DOnofrio Barcos
Advice and sale of motorboats, sailboats, cruise ships. Insurance.
Jose Frers Yachting
Sale and rental of sail and motor boats. Construction and repair work management. Design and construction of marinas and commercial ports. Ruben Dario 3447, 1646 San Fernando. (North)
Britos Yachts
Over 35 years buying, selling, renting sail and motor boats, cruise ships, motorboats. Av. del Libertador 3000, 1644 Victoria. (North)
Chama Sail & Yachts
Sale and advice on national and imported cruise ships and motorboats. Av. Liniers 595, Tigre (North).
Boat manufacturer. Sale of used boats, warehouse. Repairs and maintenance. Escalada 2560, Victoria (North).
Osvaldo J. Scuderi
Sale of cruise cruise ships, sailboats with and without motor. Marco Polo boat. Dufour representative. Pedro de Mendoza 813, 1642 San Isidro. (North)
Roca & Terrizzano
Sale of new and used cruise ships, sail boats and catamarans. Purchase of boats. Design and restoration of quality boats. Cerrito 1266, first floor, Buenos Aires City.
Mario Dillon
Brokers. Sailboats, cruise ships, motor boats. Skipper, helmsman courses. Purchase advice.
Omar A Caramilloni Embarcaciones
Sale of sailboats, cruise ships and motorboats. Preparation and remodeling. Technical advice. Del Arca 601, Victoria (North).
Marina Uno
27 years providing brokerage service for boats. 180 sq. meters Show room and outdoor display area. Av. Libertador 2940, San Fernando (North).
Miguel Mooney
Working with used and new boats since 1969, both nationally and internationally. Marina Puerto Chico, Del Arca 78, 1646 San Fernando. (North)
Martin Huergo Boats & Yachts
Sale of new and used boats. Sailboats, cruise ships, motorboats, semi-rigid boats. Motors. Av. del Libertador 15401, San Isidro (North).
Karen Bosch Yachts
Sale of cruise ships, sailboats, motorsailers, motorboats. On-line quotations. Purchase, transport, adaptation classes, inspection.
Cordoba Nautica
Power boat and jet ski retailer selling a variety of models
Albardon Embarcaciones
Marina. Purchase and sale of new and used boats. Nautical complex. Mechanical service. Restaurant. Luis Pereyra 2, Tigre (North).
Hilda Chevez Yachts
Purchase and sale of sailboats and cruise ships. Advice. Insurance. Buenos Aires City.
Punto Nautico
Sale of new and used boats. Accessories, outboard motors. Insurance. Av. del Libertador 2344, San Fernando (North).
Nautica Nahuel
Sale of new and used boats. Wooden classics, semi-rigid, jet skis, motorboats. Advice, mechanical and navigation tests. Av. del Libertador 2296, San Fernando (North)
Jota Orella
Founded in 1988, dedicated to sale and rental of sail and motor boates. Various courses. Teambuilding, regattas. Av. Primera Junta 1094, 1643 San Isidro. (North)
Miguel Riccitelli Barcos
Sale of cruise ships, daycruisers, motorboats. Financing.
Martini Yachts
Saiboats, cruise ships. Yacht Club Puerto Madero, Dique 4, Pierina Dealessi and Victoria Ocampo, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City.
Marino Yachts
Sale, management and rental of boats. Cruise ships and sailboats. Av. del Libertador 3501, office 9, San Fernando (North).
Genesis Yachts
Boat construction and sale. Paint work, PRFV repairs, design, updates, carpentry, metalwork, nautical advice in general. Aristobulo del Valle 3580, Benavidez (North).
Nautica Nuevo Oriente
Sale of cruise ships, sailboats, motorboats, daycruisers, jet skis. Sale and rental of seafaring services. Advice on boat restoration.
Nautica Favarolo
Sale of cruise ships, daycruisers, motorboats, sailboats, tide gages. Av. del Libertador 2294, Punta Chica (North).
Pedro Borello Sail & Yachts
Family business started over 55 years ago. Boat sales and rentals. International moves by land or water. Certification of vessels. Interior decoration, refurbishing. Av. del Libertador 2747, Punta Chica. (North)
Ernesto Gatti Embarcaciones
Sale of cruise ships, sports cruisers, motorboats, jet skis, wooden boats. Purchase of boats. Del Arca and Rio Lujan, Marina del Norte, San Fernando (North).
Ricky Homps
Sale of sailboats, cruise ships, motorboats. Av. del Libertador 3501, office 10, Punta Chica (North).
Moreno Barcos
Sailboats, cruise ships and motorboats. Av. del Libertador 3501, Punta Chica, San Fernando (North).
Marta Jaca
PRFV sailboats and cruise ships. Quotations, advice, insurance. Av. del Libertador 3501, office 4, Punta Chica (North).
La Bita
Purchase and sale of motorboats, sailboats, cruise ships, day cruisers, jet bikes, motors. Boat warehouse. Chubut 2127, Tigre (North).