Buenos Aires Blogs & Websites

Buenos Aires in English
The aim of the blog is "to help educate you about this wonderful city." Run by several writers living in Buenos Aires, "no matter which of our staff members work you read, one thing that will come across is a strong passion and love for
Inside Buenos Aires
Blog prepared by the staff of Fierro hotel.
My Beautiful Air
Blog by an American expatriate.
A Gringo in Buenos Aires
A foreigners view of city life with practical information and tips.
Blog by an Englishman living in Buenos Aires and Madrid.
Buenos Aires Daily
Blog with photographs of Buenos Aires.
Whats Up Buenos Aires
Started in 2004 by two American expats with the objective of connecting the emerging art and culture scene in Buenos Aires with the rest of the world.
Pick Up The Fork
Resturant reviews, recipes and insights from a food lover.
Daniel Tunnards blog
An Englishman living in Buenos Aires since 1999, known for a book project that involves traveling on each of the 144 bus lines of the city. Humorous insights of local customs.
Argentina... an amazing experience!
Useful information for planning to move to Argentina.
Buenos Aires Delivery
Online orders to local restaurants (Spanish).
The Lost Asian in Buenos Aires
Blogger Frances Ren Huang "is an acupuncturist and yoga instructor living in Buenos Aires. Aside from her day job, she takes pictures, exploring, eating, and cooking- experiencing ways to live healthier and happier".
Como el pulpo
Blog by a 25-year-old American writing, studying and teaching in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Foodies
A blog with informaton on the food scene in Buenos Aires, with traditional Argentine cuisine and customs, reviews of popular spots, posts from others on Argentine gourmet life and the ins-and-outs of cooking and eating in Buenos Aires
Easy Expat
Practical information, forums, classifieds, job listing, links.
Four Seasons Magazine
Section of Four Seasons hotel magazine dedicated to Buenos Aires.
Discover Buenos Aires
Blog by an America who moved to Buenos Aires. Events, photographs, apartment rentals, stories.
About Buenos Aires
Travel guide to Buenos Aires with sections and photos.
The Argentina Independent
Updated information on current affairs, social issues, life and style, the arts, multi-media, events in Argentina, in English. Directory.
Blog dedicated to tango information, events, lasses.
Blog dedicated to the world of food, drink and life.
The Buenos Aires Podcast
Blog by an American living in Buenos Aires since 2004.
Buenos Aires 4U
Information on tours and activities in Buenos Aires.
Tales of a Faraway Land
Blog by an American living in Buenos Aires.
Landing Pad BA
General guide to Buenos Aires City. Tickets and tours, information, acommodations, city guide, whats on, maps
Notes From A Broad
Life as an expat in Buenos Aires blog.
My political exile in Argentina
Female blogger returning to country. Blog operates steadily since 2007. "My blog will continue to be a mess of political and personal thoughts. While I cant promise, I will try to balance talk about my kids with something more universally relevant
Information and insights on life in Buenos Aires by a team of foreigners living in the city.
Spotlight Buenos Aires
Information on activities and places in Buenos Aires City.
The Bubble
News aggregator website and op-ed platform informing what is happening in Argentina, such as current events and covering pop and media culture.
Yanqui Mike
Operating since 2006. City and country life, food, drink, baseball.
Expose Buenos Aires
Information on accomodation, attractions, wine, food, tours, jobs, culture, Spanish schools, what to do, reviews.