Business Consultants & Advisors

Paula Ferrari
Consultancy services in business strategic development and organization. Comprehensive, specific, on-line support. Workshops, conferences.
MacLoughlin & Asociados
Accounting and tax, legal, financial advice, special audits, business managment, procedures and representations, investments, advice to polo players and investors, farming companies, appeals. Florida 470, 2nd floor, office 213, Buenos Aires City.
American Traffic
Created by engineers specialized in transportation and traffic. ITS integration software, traffic count and analysis, road safety, radars, environmental monitoring, intelligent traffic lights use. Av. Belgrano 485, 9th floor, Office 20, Buenos Aires City
Supplier of geophysics, radioprotection and nuclear instruments. Representative of main international manufacturers. Advisor in related markets. Washington 3481, C1430EUS Buenos Aires City.
The Boston Consulting Group
Consumer goods, financial services, industrial goods, technology and communications. Pro-bono consulting support for entrepreneurs. Bouchard 547, 10th floor, C1106ABG Buenos Aires City
Management consultancy, associativism, values, local development, proposals for change, foreign trade, finance, marketing, organization and systems, human resources, safety and environment.
CMI International Group Argentina
International company that provides training and counsel in negotiations, management of relationships and conflict resolution.
Kuehne & Nagel
Airfreight, seafreight, road and rail, contract logistics, lead logistics. Av. Corrientes 316, Buenos Aires City
Custody of goods, surveillance of homes, residential areas, events, access, inspection, traffic control, satellite control. Jorge Newbery 3849, Chacarita, Buenos Aires City.
MGR Legal Consultants
International law & business consultancy, HR management, tax and financial services, government relations & lobbying services, administrative law, civil and commercial responsibility. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1120, Office A306, C1107AAX Buenos Aire
Morgan Stanley
Financial services firm. Sales and trading, research, investment bnanking, primer brokerage, investment management, institutional consulting. Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 740, 2nd floor, Office 6, Buenos Aires City
Non-profit civil association providing training and specialized consultancy services for civil society organizations. Virtual courses and seminars. Debenedetti 602, 1st floor, office 18, La Lucila. (North)
Grant Thornton
Audit, tax and consultancy company with international experience and partners providing advisory services in tax, audit, IT areas and outsourcing. Av. Corrientes 327, 3rd floor, Buenos Aires City.
Dark Star
Company specialized in providing global security consultancy for both public and private customers, as well as training to protect people, assets and image. Tailor-made strategic planning services. A. Moreau de Justo 740, Buenos Aires City.
Robin Laight
Press and communication strategies. Press campaigns, promotion and networking with media, promotion of companies, launch of products, brand positioning, public relations, training. J. E. Uriburu 115, 6th floor, office M, C1027AAC Buenos Aires City
Globus Mavens
IT, CAD, and Ad agency services. Management and consulting company with expertise in Web, Mobile Application development, SEO, SEM, SMM. Recruitment, staffing, education & training. Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires (North).
Mawe S.A
Physical security, custody service of goods in transit, legal advice, security studies, logistics audit service, VIP custody. Av. Santa Fe 2547, Martinez (North).
Over 140 years experience. Sofware, consulting, outsourcing and training services. Av. Presidente Roque Saenz Pena 832, 2nd floor P, C1035AAQ Buenos Aires City
Silvia Vales y Asociados
Business training, executive coaching, search and selection of staff, human resources management, work orientation, legal advice. Individuals and businesses. 25 de Mayo 347, 4th floor, office 426, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
International consultancy company providing assessment, training and certification for the obtention of customer loyalty and acceptance. Gurruchaga 1998, Buenos Aires City.
Sourcing Transformation
Corporate strategy consulting firm. Operational excellency, expense, suppy chain and demand management, alignment of objectives, total quality, MIS, monitoring and follow-up. Estanislao del Campo 333, Acassuso (North)
Cervantes & Asociados
Strategic consultancy, strategic administration, consultancy and services. Luis Maria Campos 1001, 1st floor A, C1426BOI Buenos Aires City
Concept Media
Argentine media agency. Development of communication strategies. Audience measurements, advertising investments, audits, results controls and advertising analysis. Negotiations between advertisers and the media. Jeronimo Salguero 2686, Buenos Aires City.
Atlas Group
Company that provides counsel, administration and management of administrative processes of the business. Specialists in business assets. Llavallol 4740, Buenos Aires City.
Marval, OFarrell & Mairal
Administrative, environmental, fiscal, customs, maritime, aeronautical law, capital markets, agricultural businesses, intellectual property, licenses, insurance. Av. Leandro N. Alem 928,7th. floor, C1001AAR Buenos Aires City
Grupo Arpenta
Stocks, bonds and futures. Comprehensive financial service in capital markets with experienced professionals. Investment funds. San Martin 344, 28th floor, Buenos Aires City
BDO Argentina
Audit, tax and legal, corporate finance, administrative outsourcing, risk advisory services, business advisory services, fraud, investigations and legal disputes, information process assurance. Maipu 942, Ground floor, C1006ACN Buenos Aires City
Claudio Penso
Change and growth consulting firm. Detection of hidden training needs, transformation programs, climate and organizational diagnostics, coaching, market study, reingeneering, regrounding. Viel 323, 5th floor, Buenos Aires City
Audits (eAudit), taxes (compliance, planning, mergers & acquisitions, international), consultancy (management, risk, transactions and restructuring), industries, courses, KPMG Institutes. Bouchard 710, C1106ABL Buenos Aires City
SMS - San Martin, Suarez y Asociados
Company founded in 1987 offering external and internal audits, consulting on acquisitions, strategic planning, investment projects evaluation and rules and administrative proceedings design. Bernardo de Irigoyen 972, Buenso Aires City.
Global Strategy
Process optimization, reingeneering in selection and implentation of support tools, shared services centers, business intelligence, production and logistics, stock management, industrial costs. Virrey Arredondo 2480, 7th floor A, 1426 Buenos Aires City
Brujula S.A.
Custody of goods in transit, guards services, professional training center, electronic security, VIP security and special events, transports and cars localization and satellite tracking. Av. Roca 1068, Hurlingham (West).
Grupo EMR - Consulting
Company offers consulting services to individuals and companies interested in doing business in Argentina and Uruguay as well. Consultation carried out by a team of accounting and legal firms. Nicaragua 5867, Buenos Aires City
Market research in advertising, marketing, media, public affairs and loyalty. Survey management, data collection and delivery. Olazabal 1371, Buenos Aires City.
Lifestyle management and concierge services for members. Foodie Temptations, Exotic Discoveries, The Golden Ticket, Out of Town, After Dark, Gifts with a Twist. Ortiz de Ocampo 3302, Mod. II, ground floor, 1 W.O., Barrio Parque, Buenos Aires City.
Constructora Sudamericana
One of the largest construction companies in Argentina. Architectural projects, commercial developments, industrial projects, infrastructure assembly works, real estate development. Av. Alem 986, 7th floor, Buenos Aires City
Business consultancy, auditing, outsourcing, taxes, human resources recruiting and selection, development of human capital, organizational coaching. Av. Corrientes 2835, Body B, 8th floor B, C1193AAA Buenos Aires City
FTI Consulting
Global business advisory firm that provides tailored multidisciplinary solutions to business challenges. Bouchard 547, 11th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Business consultants, tax advice, transfer pricing, procedures, appeals, fraud prevention and detection. Consultation for businesses needing local coverage and professional assistance. Lavalle 1430, 3rd floor, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
The Gender Group
Specialized in providing ways to reach the feminine market in a more inclusive and effective way. Market research, training conferences, creativity for women. J. Maure 3330, 6th floor A, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Bain & Company Buenos Aires
Company assisting businesses to compete in various markets, carrying out projects like corporate and marketing strategy, performance improvement, organization, IT and change management initiatives. Av del Libertador 602, 26th floor, Buenos Aires City
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Assurance, tax & legal, advisory. Agrobusiness, financial services, technology, information, entertainment and media. Government services. Bouchard 557, 8th floor, C1106ABG Buenos Aires City
Laurik International
Consultancy firm to further economic ventures between Argentina and South Africa. Agritours, travel services, investments, translations, corporate tours.
Almaraz & Asociados
Industrial property agents and lawyers. Trademarks, invention patents, models and designs. Literary works, musical pieces, artistic, scientific and software works, news publications. Rivadavia 926, Buenos Aires City.
Consulting, technology, outsourcing and industries services. Roque Saenz Pena 777, Buenos Aires City
Techical expertise to identify ideal frameworks to do business, developing tailored solutions to turn information for business intelligence and risk administration for strategic decisions of customers. 3 de febrero 1415, Buenos Aires City.
Facilitator - GS
Facilitator to get things done speedily with procedures, presentations for documents or bureaucratic paperwork. Fully acquainted with local requirements.
Stanton Chase International
Consumer products and services, financial services, government, education and non-profit, life sciences and healthcare, logistics and transportation, natural resources and energy. Carlos Pellegrini 1063, 8th floor, C1009ABU Buenos Aires City
HDL Broker S.A.
Business dedicated to foreign trade with over 60 years of experience in the customs broker market. Carlos Pellegrini 1135, 5th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Garwin Farrenarchitect
International architecture studio. Master planning and house design. Esmeralda 634, 7th floor A, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Pleasant English
Services and errands by a British person. Computer repair, research and information, domestic travel services, grocery shopping, stock watch. San Martin 982, 1st floor G, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
CAT Technologies
International company dedicated to Business Process Outsourcing with a portfolio of Analysis and Consulting, Front Office and Back Office solutions and Fulfillment. Buenos Aires City.
Private security. Asset security, vehicle protection, satellite enabled protection, electronic division, business and home alarms, security consultancy services. Av. Maipu 4071, La Lucila (North).
Sambuccetti & Asociados
Certified public accountants and business consultants studio.
Made in Femenino
Study specialized in helping customers develop communication strategies for women. Development of communications strategies, marketing solutions, specialized gender research. Maure 3330, 5th floor B, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Ingouville & Nelson
Creative negotiation, advanced negotiation, case clinic, difficult conversations, productive conversations, leadership in action, leading and managing virtual teams, effective meetings, organizational creativity and innovation. Buenos Aires City.
Jorge Chinni
Consulting Services on Quality, Environmental & Safety Management Systems. Internal Audits. Courses. ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Lead Auditor, (Courses according to IRCA requirements). L N Alem 724, 1611 Don Torcuato. (North)
International provider of security solutions, combining risk assessments, personnel, technologies, screening services and cash management. Timoteo Gordillo 5697, Buenos Aires City.
Consulting firm focused on sales and customer service performance. Business training, HR solutions, business development. Olga Cossetini 340, 3rd floor, Dique 4, Puerto Madero district, C1107CCH Buenos Aires City
Holder Korpus
Design and integration of security systems, security audits, electronic security, alarms and CCTV, computer forensics, documentation of meetings, secure data deletion. Av. Juan B. Justo 7910, Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires City.
Business partnership development, communication, media services and market positioning, new economies, international bridge building for business opportunities, strategic alignment. Av. Cramer 2175, 2nd floor K, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Ellmann-Sueiro & Asociados
Since 1958 delivering consulting services in management, cultural change, industrial engineering, reliability maintenance, asset management and organizational growth. Valentin Vergara 1451, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires (North).
VTNV Consulting
Business strategy and Marketing consulting services in Buenos Aires.
Nexia International
International independent accounting and consulting firm in over 100 countries providing a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax and advisory services. Alsina 292, 7th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Absis Consulting
Facilities and workplace management. Facilies consulting, FM Studio, CAFM Factory, ARCHIBUS implementation, FM Training. Carlos Pellegrini 1135, 1st floor, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.