Car Security & Armoured Vehicles

ABC Rent a Car
New model non steel armored cars and RNE registered with normal appearance and original accessories. Chauffeur or non chauffeur driven services. M.T. Alvear 628, Buenos Aires City.
Armored cars and car armouring. Bullet-proof, tire protection, windows, roll cage. Libertador 28, Vicente Lopez (North).
Autos Blindados S.A.
Car armouring. Windows, panels, tires. Bolivia 1645, Villa Gral Miter, Buenos Aires City.
Transfers and rent an armored car services, with and without chauffeur. Additional services include personal protection, child and adult custody and general counseling on security measures. Av. L. Alem 668, 13th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Blindados Dietrich
Urban, suburban and VIP car armouring. Windows, tires, fuel tank, tires roll protection, siren, loudspeaker, exhaust pipe protection. Anti-vandalism protection. Armored car sale and rental. Concepcion Arenal 3457, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City
Armored glass, security and luxury accessories, tire puncture protection. La Plata 1563, Boedo, Buenos Aires City.
Monitoring, consulting and maintenance of vehicle armoring. Bullet resistant glass, tires, opaque material, overlapping. Armored vehicles for sale. Bartolome Cruz 1332, Vicente Lopez (North).
Quality car armouring. Body, glass, accessories, tires. Used armored vehicles. Cucha Cucha 135, Sarandi (South).