Catering, Caterers, Cooks & Chefs

Argentina Catering
Prestigious chefs, trained waitresses, fine dinner sets, food prepared on the day. Pacheco de Melo 3056, Recoleta district, Buenos Aires City
Bella Italia
Catering services led by Gustavo Lena, offering Italian food.
A team of cooks, chefs and trainees providing Mexican food, for social and corporate events.
Paul & Paulette catering
Catering service for corporate and social events. Coffee breaks, business lunches, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Private events at our Atelier. Gorriti 5887, Buenos Aires City
Oeste Pizza Party
Simple, compound, complete, gourmet, basic and full celebration events with a variety of pizzas. Monday to Saturday 09:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00. Vucetich 2984, B1712DDY Castelar. (West)
Manos de la Tierra
Catering services for social and corporate events based on Argentina regional foods. Perdriel 1279, Barracas, Buenos Aires City.
Kosher Buenos Aires
Business supervised by Ajdut Israell, Rab. Oppenheimer with more that 13 years servicing the Kosher market. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzva, anniversaries, Brit Mila / Simjat Bat and corporate events. Buenos Aires City
TUCO Catering
Formal and contemporary menus, finger food, gourmet asado (barbecue). Planning, organization and logistics for social and corporate events. Nunez, Buenos Aires City.
Cocina Pura
Catering for businesses, centered on fresh and natural produce. Cordon Bleu chef Paula Mendez Carreras. Talcahuano 1038, Buenos Aires City
Guillen Catering
Since 1985 providing catering services for weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, business lunches, exhibitions and cocktail parties. Advice on event venues and decoration. Niceto Vega 5350, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires City.
Home gourmet restaurant. Lunch, dinner, cocktail, tea, tasting and pairing.
Grupo Beraud
Catering service specialized in brewing, smoking of food and Wok cooking using Japanese origin Kamados. Catering services include decoration of the venue.
Natural Deli
Organic and natural products. Breakfasts and teas. Salads, pies, deli burgers, sandwiches and wraps, childrens menus, cakes, desserts. Delivery. Catering for events. Gorostiaga 1776, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Plaza Niceto
Catering (pizza party, barbecue, coffee break), children parties, social and corporate events. Niceto Vega 5276, Palermo Soho district, Buenos Aires City
Maxs Supper Club
A "closed door" restaurant based on flavors inspired by art. London chef Max Paarlberg prepares a five-cours themed menu paired with five wines in different art-related locations. Reservations necessary.
EAT Catering
Eat Catering is modern and signature cuisine adaptable to social and corporate events; managed by Tommy Perlberger and Josie Bridge. Av. Belgrano 2453, Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires North.
Fava Catering
For over 15 years providing catering for social and corporate events. Cocktails, tubs which are small portions of informal specialities, main courses and sweets. Av. Chorroarin 542, Buenos Aires City.
Galindez Catering
17 years of experience in the food industry, with infrastructure and logistics to carry out all sorts of events. Pacheco 3548, Buenos Aires City.
Rent a Chef
Catering company by Diego Garcia Tedesco provides Bar-Bat menu, cocktails, event venues, frozen foods for delivery and take out. Roque Saenz Pena 1138, San Isidro, Buenos Aires (North)
Espacio Rio
Located close to downtown in front of the river. 2 rooms (189 and 147 sq.m.) arranged for different events. Special settings. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1848, Ground floor 13, Puerto Madero district, C1107AFL Buenos Aires City
Scarano Catering
Comprehensive catering service for businesses. Corporate events, snacks/meals for companies.
FL Catering
Service led by executive chef Fernando Leon. Breakfasts, lunches, home dinners, social and business events, birthdays, anniversaries, pizza party, pasta party. Low calory food.
Ethnic food from all over the world to eat in the bar, take out or delivery. Catering for home, social or business events. Castillo 52, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Cocina Sunae
Southeast Asian closed-door restaurant. Cuisine from Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Colegiales district. Only by reservation. Private events.
Tea at yours
We serve the five oclock tea at your house or venue you choose. Delivery available as well.
Marta Dieguez
Catering service and event venue for anniversary celebrations, family and social gatherings. Av. Riestra 5726, Buenos Aires City.
Materia Prima
For over 10 years providing primary material to bakers, confectioners, pastry cooks, chocolate makers, cooks, ice cream producers, gastronomy students and public in general. Av. San Martin 2491, Florida, Buenos Aires (North).
647 Dinner Club
An exclusive space for social and corporate events located in the heart of the San Telmo district. Organization of events, from 16 to 350 people. Tacuari 647, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Compass Group
Provision of food and support services for businesses, hospitals, schools, sports and cultural events. Blas Parera 2265, Olivos (North).
El Trebol Dorado
Catering and events. Receptions, gourmet, formal and informal, Arab, Japanese, Mexican or vegetarian food, pizza or pastas show, breakfasts, corporate events. Tronador 232, Buenos Aires City
Argentine catering business prepares self service and to be served at the table services for social and corporate events. Av. del Libertador 13221, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North)
Santa Paula
Catering service for dinner or lunch. Reception, buffet, entrees, main courses, desserts, childrens menus. Wedding, birthday, childrens cakes. Centerpieces. Scalabrini Ortiz 3154, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
La Cocina Discreta
Closed door restaurant. Koftas, tournedos, goulasch, varenikes, pavlova. Catering for events: baby shower, baptism, brit milah, simjat bat, bar/bat mitzva, weddings, anniversaries, business lunches and meetings. Art gallery. In Palermo, Buenos Aires City
Homemade-style food for breakfast, lunch, tea. Prepared daily meals for businesses. Coffee breaks. Business lunches. Catering and home chef services. Charlone 300, Chacarita, Buenos Aires City.
Schuster Catering
Over 60 years catering for social, private and corporate events. Logistics are carried out with own fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Manufacturing plant with latest technology. Delicacies at Mercado Gourmet store. Amenabar 3075, Buenos Aires City.
FA Eventos
Loin and barbecue catering. Asado (barbecue) criollo and premium. Lomito (loin) party. Asado party. Ladislao Martinez 338, B1640EZB Martinez. (North)
Van Geldern
Catering, events. Corporate dinners and lunches, anniversaries, asados (barbecues), bat/bar, weddings, cocktails, coffee breaks, work breakfasts.
Restaurant and catering. 25 year-old traditional meeting place of Buenos Aires. International chef. Catering service. Room with capacity for 150 guests.
Stefani Viandas & Catering
Light and gourmet meal boxes. Service adaptable to any nutritional diet. Frozen food. Open Monday to Friday from 09:00 -13:00. Northern suburbs: Vicente Lopez, Florida, Martinez and San Isidro. Custom catering for small groups. Delivery service.
Tutta charcoal-grilled pizza
Caterers with over 10 years of experience that provide pizzas for social and corporate events. San Isidro, Buenos Aires (North).
Avant Catering
Services include finger food, open tables, Oriental, Mediterranean tapeos. Avant Express for coffee breaks, brunches, snacks decided on short notice. Virrey Liniers 1516, Florida, Buenos Aires (North)