Civil & Immigration Law

Harari & Kabusacki
Boutique law firm specialized in family law and cross border transactions and corporate structures. Areas of practice include business law, family-owned companies, family and matrimonial law and inheritance law. At Av. Santa Fe 1731, Buenos Aires City.
Consuelo Garcia
Established law firm with over 27 years of practice providing advice in foreign marriages, international divorces, marriage annulment, legal separation, prenuptial agreements and domestic violence. At Talcahuano 736, 10th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Martelli Abogados
Corporate law firm dealing with constitutional, business, energy, environmental, tax, customs, labour and immigration law as well as litigation, intellectual property, banking, finance and  communications. At Sarmiento 1230, floors 9-10, Buenos Aires...
Fabiana Marcela Quaini
Law firm specialising in international civil law, restitution of minors, international adoptions, kafala, surrogacy, divorces as well as cases of environmental, procedural and commercial law. At Maipu 267, 6th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Celano & Asociados
Law firm primarily serving international clients advising on matters of immigration, company administration, contracts, civil and labour law. At Anasagasti 2005, 1st floor, Buenos Aires City.
Jebsen & Co.
Independent law firm, auditors and tax consultants working in English, Spanish and German offering legal assistance, auditing, tax planning and advice as well as payroll and IT services. At Av. L. N. Alem 693, 3rd and 5th floor, C1001AAB Buenos Aires City...
Estudio juridico Valino & Asoc.
Lawyers office providing round-the-clock service and advice in diverse legal areas, such as family law, real estate law, traffic accidents, medical malpractice and labour law. At Av. Santa Fe 980, 1st floor, Buenos Aires City.
CSA Attorneys at Law
Law business specialized in litigation, North American commerce and immigration with offices in Buenos Aires and New York. Uruguay 572, 1st floor, Buenos Aires City.
Argentina Residency and Citizenship Advisors
Specialist business dedicated to assisting foreigners in obtaining legal residency and citizenship in Argentina. At Zapiola 4362, Saavedra, Buenos Aires City.
Ves Losada
Third generation family law firm specialising in probate-estate, successions, elder, inheritance law in general as well as divorce, alimony, traffic accidents, employment, societies, corporate, trusts, bankruptcy, rents, evictions, malpractice and adminis...
BA Know How
Independent firm specialized in solving expatriate problems and offering assistance with temporary and permanent legal migration, residency permits, visa and DNI as well as real estate hunting, purchase and administration, taxes, notary public, deeds, tra...
Rubilar & Asociados
Law firm specialized in legal residency and work, DNI with permanent residency, certificate of clean criminal record and consultancy in citizenship issues. At Lavalle 1506, 8th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Estudio Mazzinghi
Law firm established in 1952 specialized in family law and successions also dealing with commercial and banking law, corporate conflicts, tax and exchange law issues. At Av. Santa Fe 768, 2nd floor, Buenos Aires City.
Estudio Mercado
Law firm focused on family law including prenuptial agreements, divorce, separations, child custody and support, child sexual abuse, bullying, change and registration of names. At Rodriguez Pena 2067, 3rd floor, A, Buenos Aires City.
Estudio Genoud
Lawyers specialized in family law issues including divorce, paternity, child custody, visitation, child support, property settlements, probates and inheritances. At Av. Congreso 2610, Buenos Aires City.
Estudio Spota
Independent law firm with over 65 years' experience in matters of corporate law, public and administrative law, family and inheritance, insurance and damages, intellectual property. At Montevideo 555, 6th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Onetto Abogados
Corporate law firm dealing with cases involving administrative law, banking and capital markets, bankruptcy and customs working in the sectors of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, environmental law, healthcare, IT, insurance and reinsurance,...
Independent law firm offering advice on corporate law, tax, finance, intellectual property, immigration and notary services. At Paraguay 1307, 6th floor, office 51, Buenos Aires City.
Bullo - Tassi - Estebenet - Lipera - Torassa
Established law firm offering advice and assistance in matters of administrative and regulatory law, banking and financial practice, capital markets, class actions and complex litigation, consumer law, corporate law, insurance and reinsurance, labour law....
Alemanno & Mazzaferri
Independent general practice law firm offering advice and assistance in a number of practice areas including arbitration and litigation, pre-judicial counseling, family and inheritance law, retirement and pensions, condominium property, evictions, malprac...
Sejas - Pardo - International Lawyer
English, Spanish and German speaking international private law practice specialising in cases of international child abduction, divorce, relocation and relocation of minors as well as real estate contracts and investment advice. Business hours are from 10...