Closed Door Restaurants

Maria Ignacia
Closed door restaurant. Thursdays and Fridays. In Coghlan, Buenos Aires City.
Casa SaltShaker
Closed door restaurant at a home in Barrio Norte district offering Andean and Mediterranean cuisines for a maximum of 10 guests. Five course menu with paired wines including a welcome cocktail.
Cocina Sunae
Southeast Asian closed-door restaurant. Cuisine from Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Colegiales district. Only by reservation. Private events.
Jueves a la mesa
Every Thursday in San Telmo a different menu prepared with fresh ingredients where handling, cooking and eating offers a connection to the nature. Carnivores and herbivores are equally satisfied. Reservations are required.
Almacen Secreto Club
Closed door restaurant with Argentine cuisine. Art gallery. With reservation only. In Colegiales.
Almacen Secreto Club
Closed-door restaurant and art gallery. Tuesday to Saturday 20:30, with prior reservation. Regional cuisine. Cash only. In Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Treinta Sillas
Closed door restaurant. Private dinners. Cooking classes. Business events: breakfast, lunch, dinner, group work days. In Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Casa Coupage
Closed door restaurant with Argentine cuisine. Wine tasting club, pairing. Theme events for national and foreign events. Dinners, lunches, cocktails, presentations. Soler 5518, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Paladar Buenos Aires
Closed door restaurant. Fixed 5-part menu with wine tasting and pairing. Cooking classes. Friday and Saturday night. In Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
La Cocina Discreta
Closed door restaurant. Koftas, tournedos, goulasch, varenikes, pavlova. Catering for events: baby shower, baptism, brit milah, simjat bat, bar/bat mitzva, weddings, anniversaries, business lunches and meetings. Art gallery. In Palermo, Buenos Aires City
Closed door restaurant serving Mexican and North American home cooked meals every Thursday night at our home in Colegiales district. Buenos Aires City.
Nola Gastro-Pub
Cajun food - a blend of French, Spanish and Caribbean influences. Fried chicken, Gumbo, Sweetbreads and local craft beer. Gorriti 4389, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
The Hidden Kitchen
Closed door restaurant specializing in Asian food with a Chinese-Taiwanese twist. Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
El Tejano - BBQ & Hot Sausages
El Tejano is a closed door restaurant located 2 blocks from Scalabrini Ortiz and Cordoba. Specialities include Texas BBQ, hot sauces, Tex-Mex salsas.