Clubs & Associations

Non-profit organization founded in 1997 to further education especilly in low-income families. School Scholarship, School Support, University Scholarship Programs. Jose E. Uriburu 1175, Buenos Aires City.
ESSARP - English Speaking Scholastic Association of the Rive...
Training courses for primary and secondary teachers, specialist education library.
Subir Al Sur
Non governmental organization that promotes intercultural and peace education through intercultural voluntary service on an International, regional and local level.
University Womens Club
A club of English speaking women living in Argentina who have completed a minimum of two years or graduated from an accredited university, college or institution of higher learning. Book club, educational services, monthly luncheon, study groups.
Shankees Baseball
An all-American baseball club founded in 2008 by two Americans. The club takes part in the official Metropolitan League.
Club Suizo de Buenos Aires
Boat warehouse, tennis courts, swimming pool, events. Lavalle 115, Tigre (North).
Buenos Aires Scottish Guard
Ceremonial corp of the Asociacion Escosesa Argentina. Non-profit organization for promoting the Scottish culture and generate links with other historical and cultural institutions. Av. Bullrich 481, Buenos Aires City.
Voluntario Global
Non-profit social organization promoting education and training as a means to enhance the future of individuals and organizations. Promotion of decent employment for youth and development of social consciousness. Av. de Mayo 1385, Buenos Aires City.
Buenos Aires Cricket & Rugby Club
Since 1864 a sports and social club dedicated mainly to rugby, hockey and cricket. Uruguay 7000, San Fernando
NGO aiming at supporting indigenous peoples of the North of Argentina. Sale of handrafts: accessories, art, home, textile. Fair trade advocacy. Vuelta de Obligado 1933, Buenos Aires City.
British Arts Center
Created in 1997 with the mission of promoting British and Argentine culture. Art, theater, films, videos, dance, music, puppets, conferences and workshops. Monday to Friday 15:00-21:00. Suipacha 1333, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Argentina Volunteer
Helps expatriates find volunteering opportunities to help the community.
Yale Club of Argentina
Maintains contact with Yale University graduates in Argentina. Doctor Ricardo Mario Low, President
Since 1902 in downtown Buenos Aires, part of the international YMCA network. Children, youth and adults. Tourism and camps. Education. Health and sports. Resorts. Reconquista 439, C1003ABI Buenos Aires City
El Arca Argentina
Local branch of the LArche worldwide movement founded by Jean Vanier providing support to abandoned mentally handicapped people. Rosario 1772, 1st floor, Boulogne (North).
Guapas Maduritas
Guapas Maduritas is an online dating website where people can register, be they, men or women, to find mature women.
Nuestras Huellas
Supportive financing not-for-profit organization. Community banks, solidarity groups, education, training, workshops, consulting, Marcelo T. de Alvear 1224, Don Torcuato (North).
UGAB Buenos Aires
Founded in 1911 to care for the development of Armenians in Argentina. Restaurant with Armenian-Arab food on Fridays. Armenia 1322, Palermo district, Buenos Aires City
Argentine Northamerican Cultural Insitute (ICANA)
Civil, non-profit organization founded in 1927 and run by Argentinians with the aim of furthering the cultural and education exchange between Argentina and United States. Courses, events, student advice, USA visas. Maipu 672, Buenos Aires City
Voluntarios Sin Fronteras
Non-profit organization further the exchange of volunteers from different countries, civil society organizations and social responsibility businesses. Monday to Friday 12:00-18:00. Viamonte 1355, 2nd floor E, Buenos Aires City.
Asociacion Japonesa Sarmiento
Sarmiento Japanese Association. Sports, social, cultural, annual activities. Japanese language academy. Seinebu (youth), fujinbu (women). Roque Saenz Pena 5050, Jose C. Paz. (West)
The Club House
Members club in a converted four-story residence. Lounge, terrace, two bars,pool, garden, three guest rooms. Private dinners, film screenings, art exhibitions. Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
The Suburban Players
Theater adult group by the longest-running English-speaking amateur theatrical club in Argentina. Plays, play readings and workshops. Open to all. Tuesdays 20:30-22:00, Moreno 80, San Isidro (North).
Connecting Worlds
Spanish courses, international internships, volunteering, working holidays, teaching English, TEFL certification, gap year, responsible tourism, explore Argentina. Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00. R.S. Pena 1185, Buenos Aires City.
BAIS Argentina
Organizes activities to help international students integrate socially and culturally. Monday to Friday 11:00-17:00. Ayacucho 1571, ground floor, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Buenos Aires Expatriates Group. Community site of expatriates living in Buenos Aires with a forum, directory and information.
The English Speaking Union of Argentina
Independent non-political, educational charity with members throughout the UK and USA and branches in more than 50 countries worldwide, with the purpose of promoting international understanding and human development through the use of English.
ABCC - Argentine British Community Council
A wide and diverse variety of interests of the English-American community in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina, with timely information on events and news. Esmeralda 634, 2nd floor D, C1007ABF Buenos Aires City.
Buenos Aires Players
Production of educational plays to teach English by Celia Zubiri. Performances in Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and over 50 towns and cities in Argentina. Montevideo 842, Buenos Aires City.
Club Hipico Argentino
Traditional club founded in 1909. Horse jumping, training and riding. Riding school. Stables, gym, swimming pool, cultural activities. Vacation camp. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7285, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
BABS - The Devoto Home
A place for the elderly to enjoy life with peers in a cheerful environment. 24 hour care, comprehensive social activities program. Customized payment schemes. Segurola 2941, C1417BBS Buenos Aires City
Send a Child to School
SACS is an all-volunteer group that provides a custom built backpack with the supplies required for their grade level to children at the beginning of each school year.
Buenos Aires Scottish Guard
Ceremonial body of the Argentine Scottish Association. Vedia 1650, 11th floor H, Buenos Aires City.
Garden Club Argentino
Founded in 1921 with English origins and continued influence, organizes flower shows and courses in landscaping, horticulture, flower arrangements, gardening as therapy and as a means of education. Peru 639, 5th floor 20, Buenos Aires City
Club Europeo
A place where citizens from Europe, Argentina and other countries can meet in a unique environment in Latin America. Libertad 1264, Buenos Aires City
Casi Nuevo (Nearly new)
"Nearly New" is a charity shop that sells books, small household items and clothes. Run by volunteers in support of BABS home for the elderly. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 09:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-12:30. Av. Santa Fe 512, Acassuso (North).
TEGOBA The English Group of Buenos Aires
Group of different ages, professions and styles meeting every Friday to talk and share, practicing English.
The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl
Pub crawl, bar tour or bar hopping, 7 days a week year round. Pizza, beer and wine, shooters, drinks in Palermo Soho, San Telmo, Palermo Hollywood, Recoleta.
Fundacion Shakespeare Argentina
Non-profit cultural organization dedicated to further the life and works of William Shakespeare in Argentina. Educational resources, audiovisual material, projects. Santa Fe 1762, first floor A, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
BAIN Downtown
Assists English-speaking expats of all nationalities by connecting individuals, offering a space for networking with fellow expats and organizing events and activities to understand the Argentine culture.
English Social Club
Founded in 1893 and since then is a unique place for the gathering of British and British descent in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires. A library, snooker room, pub an. Av. Almirante Brown 2115, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires (South)
Voluntario Global
Argentinean NGO working with the disadvantaged providing education, training and support. Sustainable volunteer programs to raise social awareness.
Toastmasters International
Morris Gelman Club. Since 1924, this non-profit international organization offers a proven and enjoyable way to practice and hone speaking and communication skills. 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 19:15-21:00. Quintana 161, 3rd floor, Buenos Aires Cit
British Council Argentina
UK international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.
The Anglo Argentine Society
Founded in London in 1948 with the main objective of furthering the cultural interchange between Great Britain and Argentina and charitable activities.
English Culture Argentine Association. English classes and workshops. Suipacha 1333, Retiro, Buenos Aires City and branches in Caballito, Barracas, Ramos Mejia, Lomas de Zamora and Pilar.
South American Piping Association
Scottish traditional music band, with pipers, drummers and dancers. Available for weddings, social events, festivals in small and large venues.
Argentine Chestertonian Society
Dedicated to furthering the ideas of G. K. Chesterton and, more widely, to explore their application to the contemporary world. Concepcion Arenal 2496, 1426 Buenos Aires City
Non-profit organization founded in 1894 to provide for the different needs of the Jewish community in Argentina. Pasteur 633, C1028AAM Buenos Aires City
Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers
Local chapter of running, walking and drinking international group.
Second Story Buenos Aires
Monthly storytelling events on the last Thursday of each month. Absinth Resto Bar, Bartolome Miter 1695, Buenos Aires City.
Club Aleman de Equitacion
Traditional club founded in 1915. Horse jumping, training, trick riding. 366 boxes, training and jumping courses. Riding school (basic, medium and advanced levels). Av. Dorrego 4045, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Internations Buenos Aires
Local information and activities of Internations international expat community.
Mix Up
Organizes events between foreign and local people. Football, housing, parties, horses, shows, trips. Av. Pte. Roque Saenz Pena 615, 9th floor, office 903, Buenos Aires City.
Community center and NGO dedicated to helping shanty town children in Ciudad Oculta (Hidden City). Martiniano Leguizamon 2974, Mataderos, Buenos Aires City.
Help Argentina
Non-profit organization for international donors wanting to support entities working for social change in Argentina. Maipu 62, second floor, office 9, Buenos Aires City.
Arte y Cultura para la Salud
Non-profit organization using art and culture in benefit of disabled and disenfranchised children and adults. Courses, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and counseling. Costa Rica 4684, Studio 16, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.