Counselling & Therapists

Wanderlust Career Counseling
Native English speaker. Career counselling, testing and assessment. M.A. and Ed.M. from Columbia University. Adults and Teenagers.
Silvia Drikier
Psychologist and psychotherapist for adults.English and French spoken.
Shirley Mathews
Psychologist. English and Spanish. Expatriates. Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City
Howard Raiten Ph.D.
Licensed Psychotherapist providing services to individuals, couples, families, groups, children, adolescents and adults. Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Micaela Iturrioz
Educational Psychologist specialist in learning difficulties. For children, teenagers and adults in Belgrano, Buenos Aires and Morón Zona Oeste.
Marisa Apostolidis, US Psychoanalyst
Native English speaker from the US; bilingual Spanish. MSW, Smith College School for Social Work. Psychoanalytic training in Madrid, New York and Buenos Aires. All ages, all issues.
Felipe Muller, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist. Psychotherapy. Depression, anxiety. New School for Social Research, New York. Fulbright Scholar 1998 and 2010. Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Carol Diamondstein
Clinical Psychology, Hilarion de la Quintana 740, Florida, Buenos Aires (North)
Rachel I. Bigio
Bilingual English-Spanish Clinical Psychologist (Universidad de Belgrano) and Psychoanalyst (APDEBA). Adults and teenagers. In Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
Connie Kiesel
Bilingual psychologist with experience in New York and Buenos Aires. Works with young and older adults suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship difficulties.
Gabriela Conde
Psychologist specialised in expatriates (adolescents and adults); parent orientation, and cultural adjustment. Spanish, English and Portuguese spoken.
Esteban Kenny
Bilingual Psychologist (Universidad de Palermo) and graduate in Business Administration (Universidad Católica Argentina and NYU).
M Julia Neira
Licensed psychologist and coach specialized in foreigners and expats. Stress, crisis, depression, lifestyle and self-esteem, culture shock, obesity and eating disorders. Pre and post surgery psychological assistance. Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires City.
Romina Ciccarelli
Fully bilingual licensed psychologist.and professor. Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Universidad del Salvador (USAL).
Alejandro Pawliszyn
Psychotherapy and Counselling in English. Individuals and Couples. Adjustment. Mental Health. Wellbeing. Short and Long-term Support.
Natalia Kchayoglu
Bilingual psychotherapist. Brief therapies. Couples, family and individuals. Anxiety disorders, depression, terminal illness, personal and relational difficulties. Ugarteche 3260, Palermo, Buenos Aires City Palermo.
Hugo Fogliati
Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in treating a broad scope of personal problems with NLP, Hypnosis, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt and Meditation.
Magali Luengas
Bilingual psychotherapist. Universidad de Belgrano. CBT, Transactional Analysis, EMDR. Treats: PTSD, panic attacks, phobias-depression, relational problems. In San Isidro and Nunez.
Espacio Dilema
Psychological support to children, adolescents and adults, individually or in groups. Alcoholism, drug addiction, pathological gambling, depression, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, family therapy. Alvear 557, 1st floor, Ramos Mejia. (West)
Federico Di Paolo
Billingual Psychoanalyst. U.B.A degree. Hospital and private office experience. Children, adults, autistic spectrum disorders. Belgrano area, Buenos Aires City.
Ines Estrada Vigil
Focused psychotherapy, cognitive techniques, individual, family and couple therapy. Over 18 years working in Buenos Aires. Spanish, English, Portuguese and German speaking. Dr. Emilio Ravignani 1986, Buenos Aires City.
Global Approach
Educational and psychological services. Bilingual psychotherapist with experience in USA. Brief psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for children, adolescents and adults. Buenos Aires City.
Miguel Koschil, Ph.D.
Bilingual psychotherapist with 25 years experience in New York, USA. Brief Psychotherapy. Mindfulness Coaching, DBT. In Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Susana Olaneta
Counselling, psychotherapy, Clinical Psychologist graduate of the University of Buenos Aires and trained in London. Services for English-speaking expatriates in Buenos Aires. Soler 4417, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Claudia Susana Cardoso
Licensed psychotherapist, University of Buenos Aires, with practice in United States and Argentina. Adults, teenagers and children. Anxiety, depression, stress, inhibitions. Rodriguez Pena 681, Buenos Aires City.
Susana Tillet
Argentinian-Australian bilingual psychoanalyst. Member World Association of Psychoanalysis J. Lacan. Experience treating stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, anorexia and bulimia.
Michelle D. Cameron
Clinical Psychologist, Universidad de Belgrano and New York University. Specialties include: personal growth, communication, relationships, work, and family issues.
Maria Canepa
Experienced qualified, bilingual Psychologist. Brief therapies. Holism. Downtown Buenos Aires.
Susana Zima
Experienced bilingual Licensed Psychologist. Offices in Palermo and Flores districts.
Carolina Kohan
Licensed UBA Clinical Psychologist attends in Belgrano district and Martinez (North) as well.
Diego Benegas Loyo, Ph.D.
Clinical psychologist, Bellevue Hospital, New York University. Specialized in trauma, subjectivity and political action. Experience with migrants, in sexual diversity, refugees and cyber-activism.
BetterHelp - Online counselling for expats
Private online counselling platform.
Educational and Psychological Support. Multidisciplinary team of mental health and educational professionals. Individual therapy. A.B.A. treatment for autistics. College and vocational counselling.
Perla Fischman
Bilingual and bicultural psychotherapist for adolescents and adults. Specialized in migration, acculturation, traumas, separation, gender and grief issues. Office located in Palermo.
Daniela Frankenberg
Psychologist (University of Buenos Aires and Brown University) Bilingual and bicultural. Individual psychotherapy, family and couples therapy. Adults, children and teenagers. Lavalle 3681, Buenos Aires City.
Ailin Blanchard
Clinical psychology, specialized in individual psychotherapy. Children, adolescents, adults and couples. San Isidro, Buenos Aires (North).
Constanza Kiesel
Psychologist. Santa Fe 3312, 2nd floor, Apt B, Buenos Aires City.
Perla Bransburg
Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Expat. Araoz 2922, 6th floor, Apt A. Buenos Aires City.
Hugo O. Marchevsky
Psychologist. Francisco Bilbao 1825, Buenos Aires City.
Andrea Manfreda
Psychologist with experience as mental health therapist, psychotherapy in private office, anger management facilitator and consultant to expats.
Laura Elizabeth Turner
MD Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. English, French, German. Anxiety, depression. Focused psychotherapy, cognitive techniques, psychopharmacology. Consultant specialist to the USA Embassy and Consulate of France. Palermo, Buenos Aires City
Licensed Rachel I. Bigio
Bilingual (English and Spanish) clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. Adults, teenagers. families and groups.
Soledad Cicchilli
Bilingual Psychotherapist and Licensed Psychologist. Young adults and adults. Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Vanesa Carlotto Miranda
Psychologist carries out bilingual therapies.
Valeria Moore
Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Psychotherapy sessions. Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City.
ALUBA - Association to Combat Anorexia and Bulimia
A group of professionals specalized in eating disorder pathologies with over 20 years experience. Bulimia, Anorexia, Prader-Willi syndrome, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder. Combate de los Pozos 2193, Buenos Aires City
Juan Pedro Zamboni
Music therapist, Universidad del Salvador, specialized in children and adolescents. Fully bilingual English-Spanish. Palermo district, City of Buenos Aires
Lic. Luciana Siguelboim
Counsellor and art dance therapist, working creatively and with the Person-Centered Approach, focusing on both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of who we are.