Dentists: Central Buenos Aires

Liliana Doctorovich
Prevention, treatment and maintenance of dental health in children and adults. Pediatric, general and esthetic dentistry. Implants, orthodontics cosmetic and whitening. Corrientes 4724, 3rd floor, Apt. 10, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Matias Alberto Bense
Endodoncy. Moreno 428, 6th floor F, Buenos Aires City
Marcela Susana Siri
Odontopediatrician. Arenales 2080, Ground floor, Buenos Aires City
Stella Muniz Fernandez
Dentist and Periodontist for adults and children.
Mario Daniel Belin
General dentistry. Arenales 2365, 2nd floor D, Buenos Aires City
Dental Clinic Arg
A team of professionals providing service with Dental Implants both of immediate load and delayed load. Av. Independencia 3270 9th floor, Tower 1, Buenos Aires City.
Grupo R.I.O. Odontologica
Dr. Lucia Benites specializes in prosthodontics and works with a full interdiciplinary team covering most areas in dentistry. Av. Callao 1234, 16th floor, Buenos Aires City
Claudia Sofia Bevilacqua
General dentistry. Cosquin 10, 15th floor F, Buenos Aires City
BEC Odontologia
Dental center with trained professionals in various fields of dentistry. Dental implants, Teeth whitening. Av. Pte Roca 584, 3rd floor P, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Patricia Agranati
General dentistry. Av. Cordoba 966, Ground floor E, Buenos Aires City
Dental center specialized in dental esthetics, dental surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodintics, dental implants and teeth whitening. Av. de Mayo 950, 5th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Marta Basso
Pediatric dentistry. Julian Alvarez 2456, 1st floor A, Buenos Aires City
Dolores Bacque
General dentistry. Arenales 1732, 7th floor A, Buenos Aires City
GIP Grupo Implanto Protetico
A team of professionals covering all specialities in dental health. Dental implants, phosthodontics, whitening, maxillary sinus elevation, periodontics, endodontics and orthodontics. Av. Cabildo 2134, 9th floor, B, Buenos Aires City.
Dental Palermo
Prevention, treatment and maintenance of dental health. General dentistry, prosthetics, periodontics, esthetic veneers, whitening, composites, bad breath, mouthguards. State-of-art equipment. Charcas 3127, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Dr. Di Salvo
Esthetic and dental health center. Implants, orthodontia, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry, whitening. Arenales 1630, 2nd floor D, Buenos Aires City.
Implants, whitening, prosthetics, surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics. Av. Santa Fe 2130, 1st floor 8, Buenos Aires City.
Neo Dental
Dental clinic providing treatments in dental implants, prosthesis, dental esthetics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, bruxism and dental hygiene. Av. Cabildo 2373, 3rd floor, Buenos Aires City.
Roberto Francisco Forrester
Pediatrician. Vidal 2016, Ground floor, 1. Buenos Aires City.
Dental and esthetic treatments by a team of specialists in esthetics, prosthesis, implants, orthodontia, periodontics, endodontics, surgery, radiology, dental whitening and urgencies. Viamonte 1526, 5th floor A, Buenos Aires City.
Fracisco Gallo
General dentistry. Jeronimo Salguero 2402, Ground floor, Buenos Aires City
Altum Dental
Dr. Natalia Ferreiro Frasson, certified by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, worked in Washington D.C. Implantology. Av. Santa Fe 3283, 9th floor B, 1425 Buenos Aires City
Lili Perla Arraztoa
Endodoncy. Matheu 143, Ground floor 1, Buenos Aires City
Zulma Borgetti
General dentistry. Vicente Lopez 1931, 1st floor B, C1425ASL Buenos Aires City
Dental Argentina
Dental implants, crowns and bridges, porcelain veners, fillings and onlays, dental bleaching, root canal treatments, periodontial treatments, orthodontics, emergency care. Laprida 1621, 2nd floor B, Recoleta districct, Buenos Aires City
Like Your Dentist
English speaking dentist, specialized in helping foreigners with chipped tooth, a broken crown or other dental issues. Av. Congreso 2174, 3rd floor, B, Buenos Aires City.
Julietta Pitrella
Pediatric dentistry. Cuba 2483, 5th floor A, Buenos Aires City
Oral Health
Dental clinic offers a range of dental services such as dental implants, crowns and veneers, dental bleaching and dental tourism. Av. Santa Fe 1845, 6th floor C, Buenos Aires City.
Drs. Pelcman
Implants, prosthesis, dentures, orthodontics, whitening, restorative, extractions, endodontic, periodontal. Av. Santa Fe 3444, 10th floor, 1425 Buenos Aires City.
Ana Maria Teresa Cuevas
General dentistry. Mariano Acha 4798, Buenos Aires City
Sebastian Lista
Maxillary tooth surgery. Cuba 2483, 5th floor A, Buenos Aires City
Fernando Martin Mendelberg
General dentistry. Honduras 3743, 1st floor D, Buenos Aires City
Dental System
Dental prosthetics. Talcahuano 1134, 1st floor, Buenos Aires City
Monica Paula Volcovinsky
General dentistry. Av. Congreso 2174, 4th floor B, Buenos Aires City
Mariana Filatti
General dentistry. Av. Leandro N. Alem 1080, 8th floor A, Buenos Aires City
Roberto Guido Veitz
Pediatric dentistry. Jose E. Uriburu 1230, 1st floor A, Buenos Aires City
Norberto Coerezza
Dentist, specialized in dental prosthesis and dental implants surgery, regeneration, esthetic and cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and periodontics. Virrey Olaguer Feliu 2462, 4B, Buenos Aires City.
Pablo Fernando Abate
General dentistry. San Martin 982, 1st floor D, Buenos Aires City
Horacio Sergio Cardozo
Endodoncy. Migueletes 1203, 1st floor 11, Buenos Aires City
Isaac Fernando Meta
Periodontology, dental implants and rehabilitation. Family dentistry. Cell phone: 15-3050-1028
Dental DAS group
Team of dentists experienced in different fields of dentistry. Dental implants, porcelain crowns and bridges, orthodontics, dental emergencies, fillings and bondings. Laprida 1621, 2nd floor B, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Adriana Campione
Children and adults. General and esthetic dentistry. Whitenings, prosthetics, mouth protectors. Alternative care programs: Bach flower therapy, stress relaxation and management, pain treatment. Roosevelt 2973, 1st floor D, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Norman Darling
Dentist with practice in USA. Uriburu 1054, 10th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Clinica Odontologica Dr. Adolfo Aragones
Dr. Adolfo Jaime Aragones heads a team of dental health professionals providing treatments in dental implants, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics and dental esthetics. Bulnes 2040, Ground floor, Buenos Aires City.